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Seven Is Golden

I love you. I mean, I love everything about you. I even love how you scare me a little before you open your mouth, and I have no idea what you are about to tell someone. I love your tenacity. I love how you are mesmerized with the oddest of things. Like mummies. And earthquakes. And the Rosetta Stone. And chess. And cooking.

Of course, I think cooking is odd.

I love how you adore your father. How he can do no wrong ever. I love how you look up to John Henry and melt when he wants to play a game with you. I love how you say, “Jett is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” I love how you want a “Girls’ Day” with me as often as you can get one.

I love your boldness.

I love how you love going to church. I love how you raise your hands and worship your Creator. I love how passionate you are about who God is in your life.
And, I love how you aren’t afraid to ask the hardest questions about faith.

I love your sense of humor.

I love how we can laugh together so hard at the same thing. And, you catch my eye, and we connect on a different level. You know. Like a friend level.

You are my best friend, Anna Takle.

And, you are my favorite lunch date.
It’s just hard to fathom that when I stare across the table now, I don’t see this anymore:

I don’t see the little girl with bangs holding tightly to her doll named Jenny.
Instead, I see this:

A beautiful, young lady growing into all that God has for her.
Happy 7th Birthday, Anna Marie.

You will always be my favorite girl.


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The NCML Project – Day One.

How did y’all do with the NCML Project yesterday?  I had already failed twice before my breakfast had digested. 

Me:  “Gah!  I hate pop-ups on the internet!”

Kris:  “Sooo, are you complaining?”


The morning progresses, and I talk to my mom on the phone.   I might complain a little, and I might say something like, “I might just quit (I ain’t tellin’ y’all this part.)  My momma later sends me this text:

“God said to not let the word ‘quit’ go through your head.  You are where He wants you.  And, you need to read my friend’s blog today at”

She also added, “I love you” at the end to try to lessen the sting, I’m sure.

Complaining is a really bad habit.  And, apparently, I complain A LOT.  We don’t think we are complaining.  But, a mere sigh of exasperation is a complaint, ya know?  This NCML Project isn’t going to be easy.  And, Kris Takle LOVES making me accountable for it.  But, I’m not quitting.  It takes 30 days to form a habit, right?  Is it still 30 days?  I don’t know.  Anyhoo, I’m going to keep it up until the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart is pleasing to my Creator.  Amen.

Another good way to overcome complaining?  To focus on the blessings and gifts in your life.  I mean, how could anyone complain when they get to witness moments like this on any given day?

A sweet, little, punkin boy (with his four-legged buddy) watching his daddy clean up a Little Tikes car that has stood the test of time. 

Let’s focus on our blessings today.  Maybe, that’ll help?

And, don’t worry, I’m not going to be titling every post The NCML Project Day Whatever.  That would be torture.  Not that you’d complain about it or anything.


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The Secret of Her Success.

My young athlete scored 8 of her team’s 11 goals at Saturday’s soccer game.  She told her Nan,

“I just turned on my speed and asked God to help me.  But, don’t tell the green team.”

When I later asked Anna if she prayed to ask God to help her, she responded, “No, I didn’t pray, I just asked Him.” 

This is where her knowledge of God becomes relational.  Where talking to Him becomes second nature.  And, that makes a momma’s heart happy.

Except for when she shouted, “We win!  They lose!” 

Today’s Parenting Lesson:  Humility.


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I Kind of Want to Break Out Rocky I-IV. But Not V.

Never Rocky V.

I did refrain from my awesome dance moves, while Anna Takle wasn’t about to give up her microphone. 

So, in honor of a new AI season, I give you my two favorite rock stars.

Those lyrics can be tricky.

These lyrics?  Even trickier. 

And, I have no good explanation as to why it looks like Christmas morning in my family room with all of the pillows, drums, and other paraphernalia lying around.  Except, Christmas was only a few mornings ago.  Or something. 



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Finding New Ways To Connect.

I’m learning that how I connect with my children changes from year to year.  I used to always be able to connect with John Henry by simply snuggling with him on the sofa in front of a movie. 

Snuggling just isn’t cool.  Not always. 

When I read John Eldredge’s Wild At Heart almost seven years ago, I knew this day would come.  I knew one day, I would have to modify the way I nurture my son.  Because, he is a future warrior.  And, I want him to be comfortable being the man God created him to be.  So, I’ve had to find new ways to connect with him.

Here is one.

JH - Mom

Nothing says love like a fight with super soakers.

Especially for a six-year old boy.

JH - Mom 2

I’m pretty sure I won this round.  And, he can’t wait for a re-match. 

It’s my prayer that if I engage in things with him that he loves….in activities that make him feel good about being a young man, he will be comfortable sharing his heart. 

And, I want his heart more than I want his obedience.  Because, when I capture his heart, obedience simply follows. 

I am not a perfect mother to my son.  I fail often.  I think I probably fail far too often.  But, I don’t want to.  I want to take the time to put down my insignificant distractions and get soaked outside with my beautiful, blue-eyed boy.  God has entrusted me with John Henry.  And, I love him so, so very much.

What is one way you connect with your kids?


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Where The Streets Have A Name.

When I spoke at Eagles Way Church on Mother’s Day, I boasted explained how Anna doesn’t put her fingers in her ears when we pray for her any more.  You see, I recognized this as a huge step forward in her walk with Christ. 

Well, she fell off the prayer wagon the other night when she did it again.  I do understand that this is somewhat of a bedtime stall tactic, so I have to explain the importance of prayer to her once again. 

However.  It could very well be the result of her new look. 

And attitude.

Anna - bandana trio wp

Another good reason why I better parent intentionally. 

A completely random sidebar:  Do not call Bigmama during Dancing With the Stars.  She will NOT talk to you.

Okay.  That’s all.


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For The Lack of A Clever Title, We’ll Call This One “Easter.”

The Lord knows I’m too tired to write anything coherent and too sugared up to be taken seriously.  Of course, that’s never stopped me before.  We made a quick trip to Georgia to spend Easter weekend with family.  Upon my arrival, I was bombarded by this monster that I apparently created.

He is my dad.  And, y’all, he is on The Twitter.  Now, I will not deny my love for The Twitter.  But watching my dad learn all things Twitter is something I never expected to happen.  When I told him he could just type “w” for “with”, he responded, “Always?”

No.  Only on Saturdays.  Do wha?

Well, I must admit. I am proud of him for joining the Twitter Revolution.  So welcome to Twitterverse @JBurenGoss. 

We had an enjoyable time in Joe-Ja.  (That’s for you Cindy Beall.) 

Here are a few of the grandkids with Farmor, Kris’ mom.  Farmor is Norwegian & Swedish for “Father’s Mother.”  Just so ya know.


The kids are always excited to go to the farm.  But when an Easter Egg Hunt is thrown into the mix, it’s like taking a trip to Disney World but without the $29 hamburger and $100 t-shirt. 

And, a few pics from Easter Sunday…



That’s my mom with Anna and me.  Can a sister get a loan on a bottle self-tanning lotion?  I need not show those legs again in public without some serious coverage. 

We headed back to Oklahoma too soon after Easter lunch.  This was the scene by the time we reached three-four-O.  (That’s my fancy pilot talk for 34,000 feet.  Impressive, isn’t it?) 




It was wonderful to spend Easter with my home church family. 

And, it was even more wonderful to celebrate the greatest three words in history:

He Is Risen.

How was your Easter weekend?


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If You Look Up Mercy, You Might Find His Picture.


A few quotables from my dad I try to live by:

1) Nothing good happens after at midnight.  Wherever you’re going to be, be there by then.

2) Vengeance belongs to God.  Not me.

3) His mercies are new every morning.  So should ours be for others.

4) Never let her cut grass.  Well, that’s what he told Kris when he asked for my hand in marriage. I remind Kris of this. J

5) Everything is going to be okay.

Happy Birthday, Dad.  We love you big. 

And, so do John Henry and Anna:


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Somebody needs to get his ears checked.

Remember this post?  A more recent conversation: 

Anna:  Mom, I want a Bratz doll on my birthday list.

Me:  No, Anna.  I don’t like Bratz dolls.

Anna:  Why?

Me:  They just don’t look like they have Jesus in them.  (Judgmental.   Pharasaical.  I know.  It’s all I could pull out on such short notice.)

After this conversation, Anna did what all children do when one parent says no.

Anna:  Dad, can I have a Bratz doll for my birthday?

Kris:  Sure, honey.

Upon hearing this discourse from the living room, I inquired:

Me:   Kris, what did Anna just ask you?

Kris:  She said she wanted a rat dog for her birthday, and I told her okay.

The fact that Anna wants a Bratz doll no longer concerns me  I’m now worried that her father would let her have a rat dog.


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First Day.

The night before John Henry’s first day, I read to him The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.  What.Was.I.Thinking?  I barely made it out of his room in one piece.  It’s a sweet story about a little raccoon’s fears of starting school and a mommy raccoon who calms him with the clever “kissing hand”.  She kisses his palm then closes his little hand.  So, if he begins to miss his mommy, he can just open his hand and touch it to his cheek and say, “My mommy loves me.”

So, I kissed John Henry’s hand.  And, he kissed mine, so I could do the same.

The big day arrived, and he got dressed for school.

He walked through big boy doors.

Put his backpack in his locker.

Sat down in his big boy chair at his big boy table.

And wondered when I was going to stop taking pictures. 

If the look on his face wasn’t my cue to leave, then maybe this was.

Yep.  That about summed it up.  He couldn’t have said more.

So, I walked out of his classroom.  And, he never saw my tears.

But, it was me holding my hand to my face saying, “John Henry loves me.”



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