The Scoop


Born in Griffin, Georgia (affectionately known as G-Town) in 1974 – Daughter of a pastor and superwoman mother – Happy childhood– Married in 1997 – Taught 8th graders – Went to work for EWC (Eagles Way Church) – Had a beautiful boy in 2002 – Divorced – Recovered – Married my handsome pilot in 2003 and moved to Oklahoma (it’s not all cowboys and cattle, but definitely some crazy Sooner fans) – Gave birth to Anna (who continually lives in Annaville) in 2004 – Started blogging in 2008 – Added Jett Takle in 2010 – Currently writing a book in 2011 – God has been good.

I love reading, writing and not arithmetic. I have had to forgive and be forgiven. I have a dog named Brew. I love Junior Mints and chips and salsa. I love wearing make-up and dressing in black. I love a great pair of jeans and flying with my husband. I don’t like cleaning bathrooms, but I do like reading If You Take A Mouse To The Movies.

13 responses to “The Scoop

  1. Lynn

    Dusty, this is just fantastic, but you are too!

    I love you, Lynn

  2. That picture is fantastic…took forever to load for some reason (maybe my end), but worth the wait! Love your new site!

  3. Amy Hull Watson

    OOOOOHHHHH that is so YOUR SCOOP… My Scoop is that I work at SCOOP. HAHHA I so totally need a website because my life isn’t boring…
    NOT.. The picture is as beautiful as you too…

  4. Lindsay

    I think you are great!

  5. thisside1984

    Hey Dusty! Found you via Cindy’s blog. Just wanted to say hi and it is nice to meet a fellow preacher’s kid. :) Take care.

  6. Darlene

    Dusty, You have a beautiful family.

  7. Shannon

    I have been meaning to read your blog…you are so special! The world needs more Dusty Tackles! And I can relate to having to forgive and be forgiven…divorce is tough! Esp. for us good Christian girls! Thanks for showing me our God gives second chances!

  8. Griffin, GA! Been there & I have friends from there.

    I’m from Glennville, GA. We’re probably related. ;)

  9. The scoop is so interesting and funny. I love wearing black also. Some people think thats a bad thing. Hmmm.

    I love reading, writing and not arithmetic! so funny. Thats me too. Well I am just venturing into the writing part.

    I just plain hate cleaning. There are too many other fun things to do!

  10. Cleaning bathrooms is my least favorite also! And thin mints are the best! :)

  11. Cleaning bathrooms is my least favorite also! And girl scout thin mints are the best! :)

  12. Beautiful blog, family, and heart! :-)

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