Turning the Other Cheek Isn’t So Easy On the Playground.

We try to make discipleship a part of life conversations in our house.  Sometimes, we see it playing out really well.  You know, we see them practicing forgiveness, being generous, and other awesome things the Bible teaches. 

Other times, we see we need to revisit a thing or ten.

Anna:  “Mom, remember the really mean second grade boy, Shane?  He saw me on the playground today and said, ‘Well, looky here.  It’s Little Miss Anna who’s about to get her butt kicked.’”

Me:  “What did you do?”

Anna:  “I told Mrs. Walker, and she said she was already on it.”

Me:  “Good.  You handled that well.”

Anna:  “And, then I went back up to Shane and said, ‘Well, looky there.  It’s Little Mr. Shane who’s about to get his butt kicked.”

Pretty sure the whole “bless those who curse you” talk didn’t exactly run through her cute little head at that moment.

 And, to be honest, part of me wants to revisit the topic.  But, the Momma Bear part of me?  Well, that part wants to teach her a few of my karate moves.  I feel confident that’s the discipleship route her daddy would take.

I’m just sayin’.

Have a great weekend, y’all!


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4 responses to “Turning the Other Cheek Isn’t So Easy On the Playground.

  1. That was the confidence you both taught Anna! I loved her personality coming out there, rough and tough!! ha ha!! Thanks for sharing Dusty! Made my day! My Father in Heaven was like Anna’s teacher in a situation I had to turn the other cheek! (God wink)

  2. Stephanie Foster-Wimpey

    Oh Dusty, how we have struggled with this one. My daughter has been teased & bullied (even held down in a fire ant bed by two hateful sisters at after-school) and there is a part of me that wants to tell her to strike out at them and stand up for herself, but I don’t want to teach her to be violent. I also struggle with teaching her to forgive those mean kids, when frankly I haven’t been able to fully forgive them myself! (I want to spank them every time I see them!) I have resigned myself to telling her not to return their meanness, but to do her best to stay away from them. I know all kids make mistakes, but when it’s the same ones over and over that are mean, and talking to their parents does nothing, I don’t know what else to do. The bad thing is that this is elementary school, and next year she’ll be in middle school! I’m bracing myself for next year. I just don’t know what makes some kids so mean. I don’t ever remember being mean to anyone or ever wanting to intentionally hurt someone else’s feelings.

  3. We actually did teach our boys not to throw the first punch, but to throw the last…. And we did stress they only get 1 “punch”. We have also taught them to go the extra mile – to defend those that are being picked on – to always have their brother’s back…. And I have seen them get in front of someone being hurt, which does my heart so much good! But I am not sure turning the cheek means totally rolling over when being attacked. It may to some, and if they can stick by it, then I applaud them and this may TOTALLY BE MY SHORTCOMING, but….. I do know this, my littlest’s heart did hurt when he hurt someone else after being thrown down, so thats something 😉

    Of course, those are the boys… Girls can be so much crueler…. We told V to be Switzerland – and like the precious lady above me – just to avoid the situation altogether. It has served her well and really, the drama is to a minimum. Junior High wasnt painful and High School has been blessed. I pray your daughter finds her situation the same!!

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