Think outside the bun.

Hallelujah!  The frequently sought after taste of Mexico has made its presence known less than two miles from the Takle Casa.  Go ahead and give the Lord a clap offering.  Of course, there are other Taco Bells that hit every corner of our wonderfully windy city, but it takes 15 minutes to travel to any of them.  As a matter of fact, it takes 15 minutes to get anywhere here.  It’s a geographical oddity.  But no longer do my taste buds have to endure the drive for the scrumptious taste of perfection cleverly wrapped in a cute little blanket of tortilla – THE MEXIMELT. 

Just one more reason I will never fit into those “skinny” jeans again. 

In reference to yesterday’s post, my mom informs me that she now knows her problem.  “I have rolled over muffins,” she says.  “Do wha?” One would think that after turning her on to such television shows as “What Not To Wear” that she would know the phrase “muffin top”.  Apparently not.  I’d appreciate you lifting her up in your bedtime prayers.



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4 responses to “Think outside the bun.

  1. Dusty, I have rolled over muffins too, will you pray for me as well. Soon I will not fit into my skinny jeans either. But I know Taco Bell has nothing to do with this ordeal. Belssings look forward to seeing you! Shalom

  2. Margaret

    Hey, you and your mom are a hoot. Yes I know what muffin tops are and muffins really are my problem along with all other yummy food. See ya to the beach

  3. Nikki

    AMEN sister the ONLY thing I order is the meximelt with xtra cheese please! I however do not have a local Taco Bell I have to drive 20 minutes to get mine.

  4. Amy Hull Watson

    GUL I just had lipo on the front and now just have muffin top on the back.. HAHHHAHA I guess you could say I got a muffin BACK. HUMMM let me see, as a matter of fact that is how my muffins turn out when I cook them… I also had a taco today for lunch/supper.. Weight Watchers says I can have 2.. So GOD bless the Taco Bell..

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