Road Trip Rewind – Part 1 of 2

There are days that Kris and I make the wisest of decisions for our family.  Then, there are days where we, I don’t know, decide to take a road trip with two kids and a dog. 

There are 900 miles between Oklahoma and Georgia.  And, in my husband’s infinite wisdom, he thought it best to knock every mile out in one day.  So, we did.

I prepared for our little family adventure with new movies for the kids, blankies, and plenty of snacks.  I did, however, forget the Jack Daniels – an omission that will not happen again.  Oh, I jest.  Ahem.

What I didn’t realize was that the kids’ infrared headsets were no longer operable.  And, the parental units were not about to endure Alvin and the Chipmunks for the long journey ahead.  So, with two stops, yes two, to a SuperWalmart, we purchased new ones. 

My ever so adventurous husband touted how awesome it would be to have “family time” together.  But, every time the kids uttered a word, he was the first to say, “Put your headsets on.”  In other words, he meant quiet family time. 

Eventually, we all loosened up a bit and listened to some of rock-n-roll’s finest.  John Henry sang aloud greats from The Gap Band like, “You Dropped A Bumblebee.”  Yes, yes.  Some of you think it says “…bomb on me.”  Not so.  Ask John Henry.

As previously mentioned, 900 miles of boo-tiful highway stretch between our two glorious states.  And, we stop for lunch at a Pizza Hut in Brinkley, Arkansas.  Not Little Rock.  Not the magnificent Eureka Springs.  Not Elvis’ own, Memphis.  Brinkley.

Unfortunately for us, we arrived just in time for the parade of Harley Davidsons and trikes.  Hallelujah.  Just what I had hoped.  Now, my  Harley ridin’ momma would have just thought she’d died and gone to Brinkley heaven.  Me?  Not so much. 

After watching bubbas America’s finest head out on their own adventure, we finally turned into Pizza Hut.  I took Anna straight to the potty in which she announced, “Wow!  That was a lot!” 

As soon as our delectable food arrived, Anna said, “I have to go potty.” 

“No, you don’t.  I just took you!”  I argued, figuring she was trying to get out of eating as she always does.

“I’ve got shoo-wee about to come out!”  My tasteful little girl broadcasted to all Brinkley, Arkansas residents.

I suddenly felt guilty for judging these nice motorcycle parading folks.  After all, we were seemingly fitting right in.

After the grub and bladder relief for all family members (including our four-legged pal), we set out again on our excruciating delightful family adventure.  To be continued….


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7 responses to “Road Trip Rewind – Part 1 of 2

  1. Ohhh, Dusty, that was the biggest laugh I have had in a LOOONNNGGG time!!! i enjoyed your test/trial so much! I cannot stop laughing! lol

    What can I say to that? “Out of the mouth of babes” is what is usually said. lol, I can’t help it, it was so much fun, you will laugh about it later, really you will! lol, love you!

  2. Oh girl I feel your pain. My former in-laws lived in Moore, Ok. So I’ve made that drive from Ga. to Ok. a few times myself!
    I’ll be praying for safe travel and lots of sleeping time for the kiddos! 🙂

  3. Gayla

    OMG….You’ve heard the stories…I finally had to stop calling them “Vacations from ….” out respect for Daddy Dearest. Alan & I viewed alot of the country from the back seat of a 1970 something Grand Prix & Chevy Caprice….no “entertainment” at all….just “he’s looking at me”..”.he’s touching me”…..bless you…..welcome to GA

  4. Jennifer

    I laughed at lound on this one. Shoo-wee. Come on mom, let the girl potty….and about the bikers….bikers are fun. You would enjoy them. Oh wait! You hang with us, so you already do. Love you!

  5. Brenda

    I can only laugh!!!!! We have been there soooooo many times! Tell Kris that it could have been worse…Morgan ALWAYS wanted to watch Annie and after 10,000 rounds of “the sun will come out tomorrow”, and Luke having to sit through 100s of “Annie” plays with his sisters all of his life, he was ready to jump off a cliff! So, he would have taken “Alvin and the Chipmunks 10 to 1! Next, our kids and our dog have it in their minds that you have to make 2 trips to the bathroom everytime! For some reason, they think it is against the rule to do both on the same trip. Now, I know why the dog does it…because she gets a treat each time she goes out and comes back in, so she makes 2 trips for 2 treats. She isn’t as dumb as one might think. Now, the kids on the other hand, I can’t figure out. We too have stopped 2-3 times in a trip to buy parts or full headsets…just buy earplugs for you and Kris..much cheaper and no electrical parts to replace! I have figured out that we buy all of this electronic stuff to make our lives and trips easier BUT in hindsight, it has just produced more stress…When we were little and on a trip, our biggest problem was not to leave our brand new box of 128 count crayons in the back window of the car…talking about major meltdown!!! Tell Kris we call it “FFF” Forced Family Fun!!!! Welcome back to GG&G (Griffin Great & Growing)!

  6. Amy Hull Watson

    Hey I remember sitting on the hump of my mom’s car and me and my brother fighting to see who got to Florida first by sticking our arms out as far as we could… WOW no seat belts… Now those are the days….
    Then the “MOM HE IS TOUCHING ME” and Chris going im not touching her with his hand as close to my skin as possible….
    Sounds like a Kenny Chesney song to me….

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