I see Jesus in your eyes and it makes me love Him.

It’s almost Father’s Day.  About a month ago, dad began throwing hints as to the gift he’d like to receive.  It wasn’t this blog, but I’m sure he’ll be just as happy.  Ahem.

Given the fact that many fathers don’t quite comprehend the role they should play in their daughter’s life, I’d say my dad played it quite well.

He was always there to teach me new things – in spite of the scary mustache.  (Here, his resemblance to some of those parading motorcyclists in Brinkley, Arkansas is uncanny.)

I’d like to think that I am plugging my nose here and not picking it.  You can draw your own conclusion.

He was always there to snuggle.  I can only hope I didn’t always look this gooberish.  But, I have a feeling I probably did.

When other dads were afraid to hold their daughters, he never hesitated. 

Although I wasn’t surrounded by siblings to occupy my playtime, dad was always sure to become a kid himself.  From board games to hide and seek – from the Intelevision game system to making up our own songs – he was right there.  This wasn’t much of a sacrifice for him.  After all, he is still a kid at heart.

Here is proof.  A few Christmases ago, dad’s wish list consisted of electronic battleship and a lava lamp.  I’m not even making this up.

Back when Garth Brooks was on fire, dad must have been his biggest fan.  I’ll never forget the spontaneous trip we took to Dallas to see Garth in concert.  Dad managed to get tickets 2 days before the concert.  Since mom was a flight attendant back then, we were able to hop on a flight to the Lone Star state.  Here we are just before we left.  You can see our tickets displaying proudly in dad’s shirt pocket.

Kicking it back old school in that one.  The dinosaur resting on top of dad’s armoire was his, not mine. 

He held me up when I had my heart broken.  And he smiled when he danced with me at wedding #2.

He has always been there – for every triumph – for every heartbreak. 

My faith is the core of my very existence, and He imparted Christ to me.

I once heard that how we perceive our heavenly father is directly affected by how we perceive our earthly one.  If that is the case, then I know this:

·         My heavenly father is always willing to bestow grace and mercy whenever I need it.

·         My heavenly father cares about the little things.  And, one day we will realize that the little things were the big things.

·         My heavenly father is not an angry father but one who is always quick to forgive.

·         My heavenly father loves people unconditionally.

·         My heavenly father handles his children with the gentlest of hands.

·         My heavenly father must be very proud of my earthly father.

So, to my dear, precious dad…

Thank you for all the little moments, because they were really the big moments.

Thank you for always enduring life’s ups and downs.  You’ve taught me that God blesses perseverance.

Thank you for being the Ga-Ga that you are.

Thank you for being the father that you are.

And, above all else, thank you for always letting God be so intertwined within you.  Because, when I see you, I see Him.

I love you, Dad.


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6 responses to “I see Jesus in your eyes and it makes me love Him.

  1. Dusty, You have a treasure in that Dad of yours!! I have often admired him, for the love he has for the Lord, you, your Mom, & the Church! What an example! That love from his heart comes out at the pulpit! The demonstration of the Lord has safely kept you, molded you to easily accept God and His touches in your life! You are great! I know your Dad will love this blog, to show expression of love is a wonderful gift!
    Much love

  2. hullwatson

    I love my father and I know he loves me but I cry at this and it makes me jealous because your dad is the dad I wish that I had growing up. My wish has been for him to say he is proud of me before he dies… He is NOT dying but I say that because I am not sure if he will ever say it.. Hey says he loves me and I know he does and regrets a lot in life when it came to his kids and totally is a an awesome grandfather but no matter how old I am I still feel like a little girl around him and always wants to make him proud… If he has ever said it I guess I don’t remember…

  3. Brenda

    The only way Buren would have loved this present more is if you could have wrapped it up because we all know how he likes to unwrap presents.LOL I am soooo glad to have a Dad that tells me he loves me and is proud of me too. Don’t ever take that for granted! So many people never know that kind of love. The older my parents get and as their health declines more quickly, the more I realize that I could never repay them for all they have done for me and my family and that I need them more and more every day. I always make sure I get a kiss and hug from my Dad and Mom and tell them I love them every time before they leave my house or I leave their house. You never know when that may be the last time!

  4. marla

    Wellllll… that was SWEET!! I was thinking that you should probably write for Hallmark, but of course you’ll have to use less words to express the same feelings. I’m really thinking about copying and pasteing it all, replacing the pics with pics of me and my dad. I mean… would you mind?? The clock is ticking and I haven’t got him a thing! hahaha JK I joke!!
    Seriously, I know your Dad will cherish this so much! Kudos!!

  5. shari oliver

    awww. papaw bur is sweet…so are those back muscles…yours not his 🙂

  6. Michele Mathias

    Such a sweet story Dusty!!! I’ve never met you Dad But, I can tell he is someone TRULY Special! I know you cherish every memory with him. There are so many people that take their Dad (and Mom) for granted and I just can’t understand it?
    I love to hear and see your sweet stories about your family!

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