Lord Almighty, I feel my temperature rising.

By the time the clock strikes 6:00 in the evening, the daily grind with children is nearing its end.  The day is all downhill from there, right?  Not as long as those pretty little blonde haired wonders are still awake. 

At 6:00 PM EST on Wednesday, July 2, 2008, Anna opened the backyard gate only to let Brew (our four-legged pal) explore the wild blue yonder.  I looked like a not so secret agent in search of a star witness in a high profile case.  Oh, I exaggerate.  I just ran up and down the street yellin’ like a true Southerner, “Brew!  Herrreee Breewwwww!”  My children traveled ten feet behind me wiping tears from their eyes.  Because, being the good mama that I am, I told them, “Well, we’ve lost Brew now.  That’s why you don’t open the gate.” 

Or the window, as was the case the last time Brew hoped for a newfound freedom.

So, we recovered Brew and I consoled the children.  As soon as I caught my breath, I commenced to making dinner.  Little did I know that John Henry would use this time to brush up on his “Dial 911” skills.  My phone rings and the lady on the other end from 911 dispatch, or whatever they’re called, informs me that there was a hang up from my number.  Hmmmm.  I told her it must have been one of my children.

“We still have to send someone out to make sure it’s okay,” she explains.

Sure enough an officer shows up at my door, and John Henry runs up the stairs. 

After handing over my license for…..for what?  A record check?  To log me into the system as a potential criminal mama?  The officer realized the only threat to society was us taking up the time of our city’s finest.

There is no doubt that by now, I am on the C.I.A.’s radar.  From the T.S.A. personnel at the airport finding these items in John Henry’s pockets….

To Anna setting off the house alarm while I was taking a shower causing ADT to leave messages on my landline, my cell phone, and my husband’s cell phone.  ‘Cause I was in the shower!

To the events of yesterday evening.  I’m on the radar.  I’m sure of it.

It’s times like these that I see a new series airing called “Baby Borrowers”, and I think, where do I sign up?  I’m just funnin’.  No really, I am.  You know after talking about sweet family time with the children in yesterday’s post….Jesus loves you high and low talk,  that I would never consider letting anyone borrow my children.  Now, I might be open to one of you opening your home to my beautiful blessings.  So, if interested, please comment. 

Ain’t got but one scripture to tie into this one – “This, too, shall pass.” 1 Corinthians 10:12

Hallelujah, Amen & Selah.


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10 responses to “Lord Almighty, I feel my temperature rising.

  1. shari oliver

    FUNNY! Word for the day OR Randomness of Dusty Takle.
    YOU WIN.

  2. Yeah…been there. ; ) There IS life after. I promise! (what am I saying??? I still have 13 yo and 15 yo boys at home!) Well, it IS easier.

  3. Judy

    Hilarious…I can see you and Kris in the rocking chairs saying…”remember the time, wait, TIMES Anna and JH did?????…GLAD YOU FOUND POOR BREW …ANNA DIDN’T MEAN TO AND YOU KNOW IT LOLLLLL

  4. Girl, you are such a delight, as you paint the picture of your world! I can’t tell you, how a blessing it is to read as you share, whether it is turmoil, or activities, special moments, memories, you do it sooo well! Much love!

  5. Amanda Morgan

    If you find any volunteers, I have 3 more sweet blessings that can go too…

  6. Oh My Goodness. Em did the 911 thing too. She was older than John Henry though. The responding officer gave her quite a lecture. Just for the record, I win on the most police visits for any one house in my neighborhood.

  7. Hi there! I ran across this due to our sons having the same name. When my JH was in K, during Christmas break, he dialed our zip code. I saw the realization on his face, as he had just visited the firestation, that 911 isn’t only the first 3 digits of our zip. The phone was forwarded to voice mail, so I knew the sheriffs would be coming over in a few minutes. Poor JH was petrified. The deputy was very nice and gave JH stickers, but still, police made JH nervous for a long time. Finding out his favorite Uncle Mark is a cop gave him a start. = ) Your children are beautiful!

  8. christianranter

    Ha! As a father of 5, I have to say that things haven’t ever gotten as bad as your story. Hang in there, they’ll turn out more fun than you can imagine.

  9. christie

    your kids are bad enough for baby borrowers — yet 😉

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