Gee Wally. School kids can be so mean.

Monday wasn’t too much of a departure from most of my Mondays.  I dragged myself out of bed and headed straight for the java.

I went to our office and caught up on some accounting.  Do wha?  Dusty, you actually go to an office?  Yes.I.Do.  As little as possible.

But, it was later where my day took quite the turn.  I volunteered in John Henry’s classroom to help his teacher with centers time.  One precious gift from God asked me if I was John Henry’s grandma.  GRANDMA.   I smirked at her as if we were both in the 8th grade and said, “Um, no.  I’m his mother.” 

I know you are, but what am I?

Then, I thought to myself, “Glad I’m not your mother.”  (Sometimes, I tell the Holy Spirit, “Excuse me a minute while I take care of some fleshly business.”)

Then, another little short person stared at my hair.  “That’s funny.  You have brown underneath and blonde on top,” the darling said, as she continued to stroke my hair.  “It’s kind of weird.”

Yeah, well, you’re weird.

Okay, I didn’t say that.  That would just be cruel.  I am the bigger person.  Ahem.

On the way home, I informed John Henry of the two girls he wouldn’t be bringing home to meet the parents.  He understood.

So, how do you handle criticism…or just downright meanness? 

In my case, I put my hairstylist on speed dial, and thanked the good Lord my brother-in-law is Dr. Leiv Takle, ophthalmologist and ocular plastics surgeon extraordinaire.  Looks like I’ll be needing those botox injections sooner than I thought.


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8 responses to “Gee Wally. School kids can be so mean.

  1. Karen

    What I liked to do was try to make sure mine kept their big mouths shut. I told them they needed to think about what they wanted to say. If it would hurt their feelings if they heard it from someone else, then don’t say it.

    Whether or not it worked, I haven’t a clue. But I got to “tend to the fleshy business” of feeling smug that I had tried to teach mine not to be repulsive.

    Childish, you say? Yeah. Even after we’re all grown up, we all still have a bit of the child in us.

  2. manymeadows

    haha…you’re cute!

    I haven’t been on the receiving end so much lately, but one of my kids has…..and IT’S KILLING ME! Now….how do I deal with these people who are so nice to MY face when I know the things they’ve said and done to one of my kiddos! I’m not TOO good with pretending.

    Guess I’m going to have to opportunity to practice LOVE 🙂 hmmm…now, there’s a concept! haha

  3. Brenda

    This is for their high school years…when your own kids walk by you in the hall and ask you not to talk to them. Thursday was a prime example……Morgan is a Varsity Cheerleader and the “PARENTS” GET to come during all 3 lunches to sell baked goods to raise money. You know that only got “MORE FUN” when 2 of the 3 ladies that was SUPPOSED to sell with, didn’t show. Besides, it is to raise $$$ that I have ALREADY PAID IN FULL. Now, to make this soooo much “more fun”, last Thursday both of my eyes were swollen almost closed from an allergic reaction to who knows what…High School again??? It is amazing how every kid that I know came by , hugged me, and called me “Mamma” EXCEPT for my own, of course. Then, the best yet…Morgan had texted me to save her some of our choc. oatmeal cookies that she made in the 1st place and after the snubbing that she gave me….when I looked at the text, I (VERY SLOWLY) sent her a reply saying that I was sorry but I didn’t know her!!!! Some time being an adult can be SOOOOO fun!!!!

  4. Out of the mouth of babes, as they say…..
    About 20 yrs ago, my niece told my Mom, then 67,
    that her hands looked old. And was she going to die soon?
    OMG! And one of my other nieces told my sister, about 3 yrs
    ago, “Nana, your hair needs coloring bad!” she was 11. I think
    children have to learn what hurts, as they watch lives? lol
    Great blog Dusty, but you are beautiful, inside & out!

  5. Sounds like someone isn’t living for an audience of 1…

    Just messing with ya, kids crack me up with the things they say

  6. Roger, LOL. It only happens briefly….Excuse me, Holy Spirit, I’ll be right back. Kids are funny, and they make for good blog posts.

  7. Christie

    About the coolest creepiest thing that happened was finding out that the middle school boys (a few years back) thought i was ‘hot” – lord, they need some oedipal help!!! you’ll be cooler when they get older. they don’t appreciate all that research into the trendiest, most fashionable “it” look of the day (or the cost). next time wear some great shoes — they’re close to the ground like the kids-

  8. Those kids need spankings for sure.

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