How do you see the glass?

The other day, we were all in the car headed to Chick-fil-A.  John Henry kept asking, “How much longer until we get there?”  You see, he was ready to hurry and get home so he could play with his brand spankin’ new Batman house.  Eventually, I had enough.  ‘Cause all mommas eventually have enough.

“John Henry, if I hear one more time how you want the ride to hurry up, you will not be getting anything from Chick-fil-A.  You can make your own dinner at home.”  And, I meant it, too.

“Well, I’ll be lucky then.”  He responded.

“Lucky?  How will that make you lucky?” I asked.

“Because, I’ll be the only one eating food from the house.  So, I’ll be lucky.”  He explained.

I couldn’t help but laugh.  I looked at my mom who was riding with me and said, “Talk about seeing the glass half full!”

I wish I could always see life that way.  But, the truth is, I don’t.  I can fall into self-pity more easily than I care to admit.  Let’s be honest.  Self-pity is pretty dang convenient.  Kind of like when my back is hurting, and I wallow in my pain long enough for Kris to serve me.  That’s convenient.  But, when that pain becomes my focus, I fail to see the fact that I can still walk.  That I can still enjoy all five senses.  That my life is blessed. 

So, when life hands you lemons.  Enjoy those lemons.  My Uncle Ken says “lemons are the essence of life.”  I’m really not sure what he means by that, but I do know that he likes fresh-squeezed lemonade. 

I’m gonna really try harder to have John Henry’s attitude who also said after losing his first soccer game, “Was I great out there?”  Oh, yes he was.

How do you see the glass?


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6 responses to “How do you see the glass?

  1. manymeadows

    I think I’ve had a real change on this….I’m seeing it more and more as half full. I’m learning to see the blessings in everything…even when it’s hard.

  2. I’m getting there… Love that lil JH.

    I’m CERTAIN my kids would never see eating at home as a bonus. Ne-vah.

  3. Judy

    I know what JH is thinking….Nan will fix me something special lol…I am sure the glass is always full when Nan is in OKC

  4. Betsy

    I have truly felt on the same level as you lately. It is much easier to focus on what is wrong than on what is right! Why we do that I don’t know? I do know that I hate when other people complain, but it doesn’t stop me. I guess we all need to remember that most of the time things are so bad and just as soon as we do something great usually happens.

  5. Dusty Takle

    Judy, no doubt, Nan makes all things good!

    Betsy, it’s funny how I like to think of myself as a positive person…then I can react faster to things than any other person I know. I hope it’s something I growing in. And, you’re right, usually something great shines through!

  6. Sarah Pair

    I don’t know what your Uncle Ken means by that either, but I do know that he use to swear drinking one glass a day would keep you healthy. Whatever, I think it’s more the vitamin C in which a supplement would do the same thing. ha. But, I feel you on this post! Vincent’s mom is really sick and last night we were just talking about trying to stay focused on all the blessings we have in life right now.

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