Our Christmas.


We’re not busy one single bit during the holiday season.  Right.  We do tend to make our rounds, but I love making those rounds.

Christmas morning, two little heads peeped in to see what the fat man in a red suit delivered.  Santa was unprepared Christmas Eve for the ten million stickers and parts that made the Barbie Party Cruise possible.  He, or SHE rather, was exhausted by the time she made her way back up the chimney.


Oh, how I love those sleepy faces on Christmas morning.



We enjoyed lunch with Bryan’s family {John Henry’s dad}.  We like to say that we put the FUN into dysfunctional.  Except, we don’t call it dysfunctional.  Just our normal.  And, we like our normal.


Above is Bryan’s dad.  Look at sweet Paw-Paw lovin’ on both my children. 

I am asked so often how we do what we do.  In other words, how our blended family dines together, laughs together, does life together.  Simplest answer?


Our Christmas.  Well, it was special.  And yours?



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6 responses to “Our Christmas.

  1. Great blog shared really good Dusty!!! Your children are the fruit of you & Kris, you are the fruit of your parents, Delight is the word I was thinking of! My Christmas was very special too, For the first time in 15 yrs, Tracy, Jeff and my precious GRANDchildren woke up at my house on Christmas morning, Jeff shared the scriptures of Christmas, I made breakfast, yep, i did, and we dug into the pleasure of family & love too!!!

  2. This is the first year the boys “got it”. We had a lot of fun! Looks like you guys did too!

  3. We had the best Christmas that we have had in years. I think that it has been since my MIL’s last Christmas that we have had one so nice.

    37 days and I am in OK 🙂

  4. Judy

    So what time did BG get to bed lol…

  5. Brenda

    I like our normal too. Thanks for taking the time to spend a couple of hours with MaMa and PaPa and the rest of the gang. It is always fun and special. I have pictures, too. Imagine that! Will get you a copy of the CD.

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