These Boots Were Made For Ridin’.

It’s officially summer.  Hence, my laziness in writing today.  I mean, it’s the heat.  It’s sweltering.  And, it makes me want to turn down the A/C to arctic temps, snuggle up to a ridiculously long movie like Benjamin Buttons, and eat a box of Junior Mints.  Anyhoo, here is a glimpse of Anna’s horse camp experience.

Horse camp wp

Her BRAND NEW boots – Day Five. 

She truly is a country girl.  Who also enjoys serving tea, sword fighting, and being a fashion trailblazer.

More pics to come tomorrow. 

Happy Summer Y’all.  Stay inside.  Or in a pool.  It’s hooootttttt.


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2 responses to “These Boots Were Made For Ridin’.

  1. Cute blog Dusty! What is a fashion trail blazer? Love the boots too! Sword fighter? haha! A country girl can survive, for sure!!

  2. Brenda

    Anna is so funny. She cracks me up!

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