Hormones. For A Season.

Hormones are a funny, unpredictable thing.  Especially, those pregnancy ones. 

You know the ones where you find yourself crying over the most random of things. 

Like misplacing your favorite comfy shorts.  The only ones that fit.

Or, putting your four year old to bed then turning to your husband and saying, “You do know she won’t always be sleeping down the hall from us.  One day, she’ll be all grown up and out on her own.” 

Then, you just start sobbing.

Yeah.  Those hormones.

But, my thoughts and tears of my children growing up are very real.  Truth is, I am loving this season in my life.  I love it so much that if I could pause time, I think I would.  When I first found out I was pregnant, my initial response was “Wow.  I’m starting over with the baby stuff all over again.”  Then, it hit me.  I will blink, and this little one (making me so weepy right now) will be in Kindergarten.

Time doesn’t slow for anyone.  And, I can’t press pause.  There are different seasons in life.  This is mine.  One day my season will look much different.  I won’t be picking up light sabers and Webkins every day and putting them back in their respective places.  Pop Tarts will be a thing of the past.  A little girl won’t make up her own song at bed time and sing it to me.  A little boy won’t wrap his arms around my neck and pull me closer to him. 

My house will be quiet.

But, that little boy and little girl will be fulfilling the call of God in their lives. 

One day that little boy will read the scriptures and become overwhelmed by how great God is like I do.

One day, that little girl will hold her own child in her arms and know exactly what I feel when I kiss her sweet face goodnight. 

They will experience a new season.

I will experience a new season.

And, God will still be at the center of it all.

To everything – turn, turn, turn
There is a season – turn, turn, turn
And a time for every purpose under heaven
– The Byrds


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7 responses to “Hormones. For A Season.

  1. Jenny D

    Crying right now…Oh how true it is that our little ones do grow up so very fast. One day my home will be all clean & quiet and I will long for the day when it was all LOUD guitars, messy rooms, & smelly athletic gear. Seems like just yesterday I was reading “Goodnight Moon” & trying to locate a “blankie”. What a great reminder Dusty…to enjoy the season we are in & cherish the “moments”. Don’t you love being a mother!? The greatest Joy of my life….

  2. And the saddest thing is when a woman doesn’t embrace each season…I have talked to so many women who long for the next season or the past season so much that they totally miss the season they are in…and you don’t get it back…I hope lots of frustrated moms read this today and will stop wishing their life away….good one

  3. Kid Three changes everything about you. 🙂

  4. Karen

    Well, shoot, Dusty. You’ve got me tearing up & I’m so far past hormones it’s not funny. My last child was born in ’81.

    But I think back to the things that were, that should have been but weren’t & what they are now & I’m glad I’ve made it to the stage I have.

    My children are grown, healthy & happy. My husband & I are basically healthy (for people in our early 50’s) & we’re happy.

    And the very best thing of all is God is forever watching over us. Especially when Chris & I do something idiotic, like going on a 1200 mile trip on a motorcycle.

  5. Wow! That is such insight!! Amazing, sad but exciting that life goes on, doors open, doors close. Season’s change. Thankful for the blog of opportunity, we can choose to ignore it or be mindful of what it brought to us! (pondering)

  6. marla

    Stop it!! I’m not hormonal and you made me all weepy! haha Thanks Dusty. That was a great blog! 🙂

  7. Wendy

    Sometimes I don’t get to read your blogs each day, but most times I try to go back to them. This one makes me cry too. You are so right. If I could freeze time, I would have years ago. It truly makes me sad to know my little angel will be grown one day and I can’t hold her like I do. I missed so much with my first one being Mommy and Daddy, I didn’t appreciate the little things, but this time around, God has given me a 2nd chance at being a better mommy and I am loving all of it. Thanks Dusty again for your insightful words.

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