Thank You. Thank You Very Much.

Dad and I were talking on the phone last night just like we do most evenings.  I told him about a little anxiety I’ve been feeling.  He responded with how excited he is to get to do what he does at Eagles Way Church.  We were totally on the same page. 

You know.  I kid.

EWC hosted their children’s Christmas program Sunday night, which according to many was a comedy show.  Dad decided to give all of those families with children involved in the play a free DVD of the program.  Dad expressed how much it meant to him for my brother-in-law, Leiv, to walk up to him and say, “Thank you.”

Now, let me clarify, dad wasn’t at all disappointed or distressed that others didn’t follow suit.  He was more so acknowledging and appreciating Leiv for the way he intentionally lives his life.  So, simmer down now.

And, I know Dad would give and give and give without ever a thought of needing a thank you.

But, I was reminded of the story of the ten lepers that Jesus healed in Luke 17.  One of them came back to say thank you.  I want to remember to be that person who always says thank you.  I’d bet I’ve totally overlooked a lot of little blessings in my life.  I want to be more intentional about saying thank you.  I want to be the leper who comes back.

But, I don’t want to be leper. 

Just thought I should make that clear.  Not that you would think I want to be a leper, because, that would just be insane.  But, of course, I am with child, and with child women can say insane things.

Just ask my husband.

Or don’t.

On that note, thank you all for still following this very random, sometimes silly, record of my journey as a…….

mother trying to raise children with hearts after Christ,

a wife trying to be the partner God has called me to be, and

a woman trying to love God above all else.


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3 responses to “Thank You. Thank You Very Much.

  1. Kevin

    Thank you Dusty!

  2. Sharon

    I am not always good about giving thanks to others. Not that I don’t think in my mind how grateful I am, but I don’t always follow through. But that is something I am really trying to improve upon. However, I can say that John Wesley is perhaps the best example of expressing his gratitude. He always says “thank you” for even the smallest of things. And that truly blesses my heart.

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