Necessary Supplies.

After all that talk yesterday about feeding my spirit, so my flesh will starve, I decided to read the entire New Testament again. 

I lie.  You see what happens when you don’t soak up God’s word?  You lie.  Actually, I fed my flesh a little with this new, fun creature. 

I love my husband.  Not because he gave me this iPad, which he did.  But, because he also e-mails me pics like this:

He had a few mosquito bites.  He sent me this pic of his “supplies.”  I’m just glad he didn’t go overboard.   And, I actually do understand the necessity of something such as Lifesavers Gummies. 

Anyhoo.  I actually waited until the littlest fellow went to bed, so I could give my anniversary gift my full attention.  Of course, when you are a mother of little people, it’s rare that anything ever gets your full attention.  And, my oldest two made sure it didn’t.  They both felt it was unfair that mommy got an iPad and they didn’t. 

Cry me a river. 

Well, John Henry nearly did.  On top of the fact that he doesn’t own an iPad, his sister got to sleep with me, and he didn’t.  And, the conversation that ensued is one that he will never, ever forget.  And, neither will I. 

Come back tomorrow for that one.


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5 responses to “Necessary Supplies.

  1. Sarah Pair

    Funny!!! I was sure I’d read he ran into a wasps’ nest. Nope.

  2. Wendy

    Happy Anniversary! Oh, and I am jealous! I want an iPad! I have the Kindle and love it, but I plan to get the iPad one day!

  3. I totally sympathize with ur guy. i’m a bug magnet, no joke, counted 50 on my legs at one point this summer! It’s horrible! I also got into redbugs at an early summer garden wedding….again, counted 50!
    Last week I was walking across a parking lot – you think i would be safe there, um no. Again, 50!!! Well, maybe more like 15, but still it felt like an army of mosquitos!
    I discovered using antibacterial hand cleanser immediately takes the sting away, and it heals them faster. At least it works for me. I keep it on hand, right next to my bug repellant in the glove compartment. yes, i do!

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