She Is Still Anna Takle.

“I love the way I look,” she declared staring at her new clothes in the mirror before church on Sunday morning.

She insisted the scarf and purse were necessary “accessories” to complete her look.  I had obliged and made the shopping trip about her. 

“I want you to like the way you look.  I want you to feel good about how you look.  But, always be careful not to tell everyone how fabulous you think you look.  It’s not a good character trait,” I told her.

“Oh, right.  It’s kind of like being proud,” she agreed.


“Yes.  It says in Corinthians that love is not proud.  It is patient, kind, it isn’t jealous, it isn’t proud, and a bunch of other stuff,” she told me.

She gets it!  She is learning to apply scripture to everyday life!  I couldn’t be more thrilled! 

After church was over, her teacher, Mrs. Layna, took a picture of a note Anna wrote to her that day and sent it to me.

So, she may not apply every scripture to her life.  Of course, neither does her momma.

She is still the determined, creative, and fun girl God created her to be.  She is still Anna Takle. 

And, I’m so glad she is.


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9 responses to “She Is Still Anna Takle.

  1. Wendy Verdon

    I.Love.It! She is too funny!

  2. Darlene

    Yes she IS learning to apply scriptures mama! I am very very proud of her.

  3. I love this Anna that lives with you!! She is just adorable and I love the way she looks!! : )) ❤

  4. shammond

    That Anna Takle is something else. Her notes are CHOICE!!! Seriously, Dusty, gotta get so tickled at some of her actions!!

  5. Sharon

    She is quite the fashionista! And one smart cookie.

  6. Brenda

    I agree with Anna! She.Looks.Fabulous.Darling! AND the scarf and purse were the PERFECT ACCOUTREMENTS! Now, you know the inside joke!! Love ya! Mean it! BUNCHES!

  7. Peggy

    She’s such your “mini-me”, don’t ‘cha think? Adorable.
    She’s learning alot for sure. Fashion too.
    None of us apply scripture all the time, for sure. Shoot, sometimes we don’t even WANT to. We are such sheep! Works in progress!

  8. Layna

    Ah, yes. I have to say, I always look forward to hearing what she will say next. She never fails to make me smile…whether she intends to or not. And humor is a very powerful tool, as you well know! I love that she felt she should clarify that she wasn’t being “mean”…as if I thought she was! Also, that purse came in quite handy…while everyone else was fumbling with their “belongings” and whatnot, she neatly folded them up and tucked them away in that adorable bag she carried around with her for most of class. Oh, and she also said, “I LOOOOOOOOOOVE my scarf. Watch, this is how I put it on.” She then demonstrated how to don a scarf. 😉 LOVE her.

  9. marla

    She’s so beautiful! I love the scarf, definitely her color. 🙂 I thought the note to Layna was politely honest. I don’t like to clean either.

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