Viva Love.

I’ve been married to Kris Takle 8 years today.  He likes to keep things exciting, so he surprised me with a trip to Vegas this past weekend.  It was pretty perfect save losing my iPhone and driver’s license.  I’m on day five without the iPhone, and heart palpitations haven’t started yet, so I take that as a good sign I’m doing okay.  It was in a clutch that was taken from a craps table.  Of course, that wasn’t all that craps table took from us, but, you know…it’s Vegas.  And, if you think gambling is a sin, you might wanna go ahead and click that “x” in the top right hand corner now, ‘cause momma likes to bet on the hard ways. 

I’m all talk, really.  Those tables make me nervous.  Unlike the umbrella and comfy chairs we sold a kidney to rent by the pool out there.  Purchasing comfort clearly does not make me nervous.  At least, not that trip.  Mercy.

I’ll go ahead and tell you I cried when Celine Dion sang “My Heart Will Go On.”  And, “Because, You Loved Me.”  And, when she sang Billy Joel’s “Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)”, I knew I had lost the battle preventing puffy eyes the next morning. 

Because, it’s in these songs that my mind thinks about the amazing people in my life. 

Especially my husband.

I love him.

As a matter of fact, I think I’m addicted to loving him.

I love how he knows what makes me laugh, so he does it.

I love how he believes in me and my gifts.

I love how he loves me. 

And, I’m pretty sure I love him more today than I have ever loved him.  And, you won’t hurt my feelings if you click that “x”, because this is just too sappy for you. 

In the words of Matt Nathanson, “you make my heart beat faster.”

You just do.

Happy Anniversary, Kris Takle.


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5 responses to “Viva Love.

  1. Michele Mathias

    I would have cried at all those songs too…I am real sappy about songs the older I get???? Happy Anniversary Dusty and Kris!!! And Prayfully, you all will have many more years together!!!

  2. Layna

    This isn’t sappy or sentimental…but on OUR recent lil’ “anniversary trip”…Michael had just gotten his new iphone, and I’ll be honest…there were many a moments when I wished someone would just walk off with IT…or I could HIDE it and not get in trouble. It can (and prob’ly is to many a info junkie) be a HUGE distraction. So maybe–secretly–it was a lil’ blessing to your hubby? He had you ALONE without your network for a lil bit? Ha. Maybe not. Either way–that stinks, but your marriage certainly does NOT! Happy 8 years of married love, my friend! (Still think you shoulda’ gone to see ‘Love’!!!!!!) Ha. ❤ ya.

  3. Happy Anniversary Dusty and Kris for many more years of bliss together forever, I pray! I love the love you share with us, is inspiring, more should be more open hearted to see how it is done. You have been candid too to let each person know there are things we can do intentionally or just ignore it and let it go but you both choose to keep the flame going! Love and prayers! Sorry you had your phone taken, but thankful you didn’t let it ruin your time together! : ))

  4. Happy Anniversary sweet chick…and the same to the Guy that put that beautiful smile back on your face….

  5. Happy happy Anniversary my friend! I love how you two “do marriage”, even realizing I don’t see the bad hair days and the woke-up-on the wrong side of the bed days. That’s okay. Because I see love in the two of you. Toward each other. Toward your kids. Toward those you love. May you both be blessed beyond measure in the years to come!

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