Is it possible for a dude to be funny, smart, generous, and cool all rolled up into one? 

Clearly, it is. 

And, tonight, you will go to bed an eight year old, and wake up tomorrow morning nine years old. 


For nine years, you have taught me how to love with more compassion, give without thinking twice, and enjoy dessert like it’s nobody’s business. 

Your love for the guitar makes my heart smile.  Your taste in music impresses me.  Your quick wit makes me laugh. 

But it’s your heart that inspires me.

John Henry Landreth, you are one AMAZING young man.

You not only make my world a better place, you make this entire world a better place.

Thank you for allowing God to mold you into a warrior for His Kingdom. 

And, thank you, Jesus, for allowing me to be the one he calls “Mom.”

Happy Birthday, JH.  I love you more and more.


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3 responses to “Nine.

  1. Brenda

    AND thank you John Henry for allowing me to call you family! You are sweet, smart, funny, a giver, a servant but most importantly a child of the King…and not a bad card player either! You have a heart of gold and compassion that is rare these days in the young and old. You have an anointing on your head that has been passed down from generation to generation from both of your parents. Happy 9th birthday! I love you bunches! Love, Aunt Brenda

  2. Ron

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN HENRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mom

    Happy Birthday to the sweetest boy alive, who stole my heart 9 years ago.. who makes me smile even at the mention of his name…I love him with all of my heart & s oul, and I am so blessed and thankful to be his Nan! Happy Birthday to my Buddy!

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