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Life After The Great Wolf.

You may or may not have noticed that I took the day off yesterday from the blogging world to recover from an exhausting, yet fun packed weekend.  On Thursday, we took the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge in Texas.  This hotel does not cater to rest and relaxation for adults.  Oh no.  Between the indoor and outdoor water park, arcade, and MagiQuest where kids take magic wands and complete quests all over the hotel, I was pretty much in a Great Wolf coma yesterday morning.  The ice cream cone I indulged in on Sunday night contributed to this coma, I am sure. 

I failed to take as many pictures as my mom, Nan, would like.  I attempted to explain to her that a water park does not compliment a non water-proof camera.  My kids did insist I take their picture with this guy.

Great Wolf 1

Anna evaluated the picture and was unimpressed with her pose.  So, she was adamant for a re-take.

Great Wolf 2

“Oh, yes.  That is definitely much better,” she said. 

And, when did she become such the diva?

We made it home yesterday afternoon, and I was beyond tired and irritated.  I could barely tolerate the sound of my little people’s voices.  Oh, how I love them.  But, oh, how I dreaded to hear “Mom” even one.more.time.  When I later saw John Henry laughing out loud at the entertainment his sister was providing for him, I couldn’t help but laugh a little myself.  It brought some relief to my annoyed, please don’t talk to me attitude. 

And, I remembered why I love being their Mom so much.


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