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Checks And Balances.

Some may think this picture is the result of fine parenting.  Most can probably figure out it’s the product of a good photographer.  Thankyousokindly, Janna Goodwin.

I have days where I, well, I pretty much rock as their mother.  Then, I have days where I fail them.

I don’t like those days.  I think yesterday was one of those days.  I’m a tad hormonal.  I mean, just a tad.  Recently, I have the tendency of being a little short with them.  And, I’m not talkin’ ‘bout my height.  I love God.  I love studying His Word.  I’m finding that this whole asking God to stretch me in ministry thing is a little more than I may have bargained for.  And, in this process of loving, growing, and stretching, I have noticed a few times where I put that in front of my children.

And, God’s not in that.  Because, they are my greatest mission field.  They shouldn’t have to compete with other things that can sometimes consume my life.  Sure, there will be times when those other things will need immediate attention.  There will be times where they cannot have 100 percent of my attention.  There will be times.  It’s finding that balance that’s important.  And, there have been a few days recently where I haven’t achieved that balance.  Not well. 

So, today, I’m going to ask them to forgive me.  They will.  Then, perhaps, today, I’ll rock as their mom again – sans the awesome dance moves that embarrass John Henry and time consumed on Anna’s microphone; because, clearly, any and all time on the mic belongs Anna Takle.


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