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God Bless Barack Obama.

Perhaps, your candidate won.  Or, maybe he didn’t.  This is the not the post I had written for today.  But, I cannot in good conscience post anything else.

It’s 11:26 PM CST, 4 November 2008.  I am sitting up with the television on overflowing with so many different emotions. 

When I picked up John Henry from school today, I told him I needed to go vote.  He said, “John McCain already won!”  The school apparently held a mock election allowing him to circle his choice for president.   Upon hearing the talk of other Kindergarteners, he told me that “Barack Obama is a bad man.”  Later, he told me that another friend told him that “Barack Obama kills babies.”

You can imagine the necessary discussion with my six year old that ensued.  I assured him that Barack Obama was not a bad man.  And, that if elected president, we would pray for him and his family, always speaking blessings. 

So, John Henry sat down and wrote a letter to President Elect Barack Obama.  In that letter, he prayed for him.  “God bless Barack Obama and his family….,” he went on to read to me.  From that point on, he began pulling for Obama in the election.  And, although I was a McCain supporter, I supported my six year old’s choice. 

John Henry watched the polls with me.  He asked questions.  “Can I become president when I grow up?” 

“You can be anything you want.” I said, hearing my own mother’s voice.

“Or, I could be a cooker.  I’m a good cooker, too.”

“Yes, you are.”  I assured him.

What a day for the African-American race.  What a day for African-American mothers who can look at their sons and daughters and say with bold confidence, “You can be anything you want.”

I have read many responses to this country’s newly elected president.  Many are concerned for our country’s direction.  I don’t worry for one second about this great country.  We are a praying nation. 

Today is a day to unite as Americans.  To pray.  To bless  President Elect Barack Obama.  To speak life.  Let’s not forget the power of our words.  And, let’s not forget that God is on the throne. 

And, above all else, let’s teach our children to love one another – not matter what side of the aisle we’re on.

Owe nothing to anyone—except for your obligation to love one another.  Romans 13:8


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