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A Day in the Life of Mom.

One certainly cannot be selfish in motherhood or marriage.  Although, I would have appreciated someone throwing me the latest Vogue magazine or a quiet room with HGtv illuminating the television last night.  But, instead, I assisted in removing training wheels from Anna’s bicycle, who insisted she was ready to take the bike riding plunge.  We don’t rush into things ‘round here.  Frustrated with the fact that she had not mastered the skill of riding sans training wheels within the first 10 seconds, wailing and gnashing of teeth followed.  Which is why we don’t rush into things ‘round here. 

My stuffy-nosed, almost 8 month old, baby boy led to mommy making a trip to Rite Aid for Vick’s Vapor Plug-Ins.  Moms and dads, these will open up even your own little breathers.  I couldn’t return home before making a grocery store run for obvious dinner essentials such as cheese and tortilla chips.  And bananas, too.  Because, good, solid nutrition is important to us. 

Later, John Henry decided it was as good a time as any to begin his online Hunter Safety Education Course.  I was thrilled to PRESS PLAY and listen to the introduction to the course.  Thrilled.  Let me say how thankful I am for my new knowledge of wildlife conservation funding and the importance of unobstructed barrels.  And, to think, the education has just begun. 

I could not send my children into bed fast enough I scooped up my sweet children and tucked them into their beds, anticipating a box of Junior Mints with mindless television viewing to follow.  But, why oh why would I need such down time when I can sit in my bed and listen to ONLINE instruction of take-off minimums, single engine operations, DME approaches, and other aviation awesomeness?  Exactly.  So, instead, I decided to cry myself to sleep after thumbing through old photo albums of a 3 year old and 1 year old. 

This morning, there will be no down time.  Because, Anna decided she needed a “mental health day.”  Blessed assurance.  Jesus is mine.  And, this day?  Well, it is most certainly hers. 

Happy Tuesday, friends!  And, cheers to all moms.


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