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Interview With A Six Year Old.

It’s no secret Anna Takle just turned six.  It’s no secret, because there isn’t a living soul she has not told. 

One would have thought she was being interviewed for Chief Editor of Vogue magazine the way she approached her six-year doctor’s visit.  She alerted the nurse, “Hi.  I just turned six, and I am here for my check-up and flu pass.”  A “flu pass” is passing on the shot and opting for the “mist.”  Come on, people.  Who doesn’t know that?

And, the exchange between Anna and her pediatrician was not disappointing.

Pediatrician:  “What is your favorite subject in school?”

Anna:  “Well, I really enjoy working on my fine motor skills.”

Pediatrician:  “What fine motor skills do you enjoy?”

Anna:  “You know.  Writing, working with play dough, and other arts.”

Pediatrician:  “Do you eat healthy foods?”

Anna:  “Oh, yes.  Well, I do eat some candy, but I eat a LOT of fruit.”

Pediatrician:  “Do you eat any vegetables?”

Anna:  “I do love Big Mama’s vegetable soup.”

Pediatrician:  “Do you drink a lot of water?”

Anna:  “Oh, yes!  It’s the best for you!  I drink A LOT of water!”

We are still waiting to hear if Anna got the job.  So what if she really doesn’t drink “A LOT” of water.  She is certainly a motivated learner.  How do I know?  Because, she wants a card to the “puppet library.”

And, that is much better than the public library.


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