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Everybody was Kung Fu fighting.

Here is a little known fact about me:  I am a black belt.  Yep.  Full-fledged Kung Fu fightin’ martial artist.  Since taking my kids to see Kung Fu Panda, I’ve been showing them some of my old moves – the round kick, side kick, knife-hand punch….all the good ones.  I even let John Henry and Anna watch the video of when I received my black belt.  “Can we watch something else now?”  John Henry said with an exasperated sigh. 

Yesterday, John Henry whips out some of his Kung Fu moves.  So, I join him – showing him my skills.  He tells me, “My Daddy Bryan says that you can’t do karate anymore.”

“Do wha?  Did he really say that?”

“Sure did.”  John Henry answers.

So, when Bryan called to talk to John Henry last night, I called him on it.

“No, I did not tell John Henry that.  We talked about Kung Fu Panda and how you were a black belt, but I never said you couldn’t do it anymore.”  Bryan defended.

“Okay.  I’ll address this with John Henry.”

Look, I realize this is small stuff to you, but at this point, I have something to prove. 

So, I asked my son, “Um, your Daddy Bryan says that he never said such.  What’s the truth?”

“Mom, I made that up.  I just want you to stop doing your karate moves.”  John Henry confessed.

Current Cool Factor rating?  I’m in the red.


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