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Turtle Trapping.

Yesterday morning I woke up, had some coffee, and watched one of those popular morning shows.  One segment was on how many Americans are heading to food banks for the first time due to a deteriorating economy.  I was especially moved by one working, single mother of two children who was really feeling the effects of the current economic climate.  I immediately thought about how blessed I am to still get my food from the local grocer.

I tell Kris, “Let’s go buy groceries for someone struggling today!”

This is the part where you expect to read about the incredible day the Takle family had reaching out to people in need.  You know, feeding the poor, etc.

Kris, who is usually pretty responsive to giving to others, replied, “We’ve got to go check on the turtle trap.”

Do wha? 

You see, Kris loves his family’s farm in Georgia.  And here of late, he’s been ultra concerned about the turtles killing the lake’s bass and brim.  Well, who wouldn’t be?

Some of you are gonna be so jealous how I spent my day…..

First, Kris thought it best to replace the boat’s oars.

I say, why not use the tools from the land?  But Kris bought this handy trolling motor instead.

As it turned out, I was kind of glad he did.  Because, we trolled.

And we trolled.

All the way to check on this little gadget.

This, dear friends, is a turtle trap.  The excitement is just overwhelming.  Kris placed it in the lake the day after we arrived in Georgia.  Since that day, he hasn’t stopped asking, “I wonder how many turtles we’ve trapped!”  I know you are on the edge of your seats right now with suspense.

Much to his dismay, none.  And, much to my relief, I didn’t have to retrieve the little creatures.

Guess, we’ll feed the poor another day.  Or at least, take ‘em fishing.


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