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A Lunch Date.

There are days that going out to eat in public places with my three year old are as enjoyable as sitting through a presidential debate. Can I get an Amen?  Or if you’re Sarah Palin, a wink?

Bad joke.  Sorry.

The other day, I had the most enjoyable lunch date with Anna.  And Jenny. 

First of all, we dined at On the Border.  And, you know how much I love my chips and queso.  We talked about girlie things.  Anna commented on how “lovely” the day was and fed Jenny a few of her chips.  But not the queso upon my strong urging. 

There are just those days where the stars are aligned just right.  And, God’s grace seems a bit more abundant.  And, you walk out of a restaurant to the tune of a princess saying, “That was a nice lunch, Mom.”

I think Jenny even enjoyed it.  And, I’m sure she appreciated our respect for safe travel.




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