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Gas Prices & Cigarettes

This is not my story, but it should be.  ‘Cause it’s so ridiculously funny.  Falon, our friend and former nanny, is the owner of this story.  No, she is not a “former” nanny, because we let her go.  How insane would that have been?  And, she is not a “former” because Anna had licked her face that one last time.  Falon probably encouraged such unacceptably social behavior.  Falon found love, moved to Tulsa and subsequently ripped our little hearts out – leaving me with two children who think AC/DC sings the national anthem. 

Before I chase any more rabbits about how good life used to be with our Falon, here is her story as told by Falon herself. 

Wednesday morning, I made my daily stop at the Gas Station I call my own.  With gas prices sky high it is normal to hear at least one “gas price” comment.  Wednesday was no exception.  It was however one of the funniest I have heard.  There were two women in line in front of me talking about gas prices.  Here is how the conversation went:

Woman 1:  “Gas prices are &*$%(@ high!”

Woman 2:  “I know.  It just p$%*@ me off.”

Woman 1:  “They need to do something about it.  I don’t have any money for food and stuff!”

**another 30 to 45 seconds of gas price comments**

Cashier:   “What can I get you today?”

Woman 1:  “I need 8 dollars on pump 3, a carton of camel lights, and 10 scratch-offs.”

Everything is relative, eh? 

Oh, Falon your stories are funny.  Just think how much funnier they would be if you headed back south.  Your 401K plan would include a lifetime membership to the Oklahoma City Zoo.  How about passes to the Science Museum for bonuses?  Life could be grand again.


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