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The Risk-Taker

I used to be this girl.  No, I never sat on top of private jets.  A Buick, maybe.  But never a jet.  Anna has this amazing quality in that she will pretty much try anything once.  She fears little.  Her only fears are ones that I’ve instilled in her, specifically a fear of frogs.  I understand these nasty amphibians are harmless.  I just prefer not to host a party for them in my backyard.

She is courageous for two simple reasons:  1) She believes the reward is greater than the risk, and 2) She has complete trust in her mom and dad. 

As a parent to a risk-taker, I have to keep my eyes on her almost constantly, lest she put herself in danger.  That is the tough part.  But, I also have the incredible opportunity to help her appropriately channel her willingness to jump into things that will be for her betterment.  That’s the cool part.

So, where did I lose my leap before I look temperament? 

There was a day I would go all in at the poker table.  Skydive?  Bring it on.  Had money been no object at 20, I feel certain I could have begun a successful business of some sort.  But, somewhere along the way I was no longer under my parents’ covering, mortality became more evident, and then I became a mother.  And that changed everything.

There are certain risks that I do not take out of fear of my children being without me.  Then, there are risks that I do not take because of a lack of trust. 

I can say that I trust God, but sometimes, my fears prove otherwise.  Why don’t I write a book?  Because, maybe no one will read it.  It might suck!  So, what if it does? What if I completely write some crap that never leaves a bookshelf?  What if a publishing company turns me down?  Great.  Then I have a couple hundred pages written for naught. 

If Anna is teaching me one thing it is to do it anyway – even if I skin my knees or have to go the E.R. to get my head stapled.  Not in a careless kind of way, but with the realization that the reward outweighs the risk.  And, nothing great comes out of playing it safe.

And, once we realize that we serve a God that always goes before us.  Who said that we can do all things in Him that strengthens us, then we just might accomplish some great things.

I hope I am successful in one day transferring Anna’s trust in her dad and me to the One who created her.  Then, her achievements through Him will be limitless.

Is fear keeping you from doing something?  What are you going to do about it?


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