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Road Trip Rewind – Part 2 of 2

On the road again.  After having to adjust Anna’s headset a gazillion times (which involves me unbuckling, turning around and placing it back on her head, because she won’t sit still), we had to come up with a resolution.  I couldn’t decide what was worse, the constant aggravation of the headset on my wiggle worm or having to listen to Disney and Pixar’s greatest flicks from the stereo speakers.  So, The Waterhorse, Enchanted, and Meet the Robinsons it was. 

By the time we reached Tennessee, I thought I’d show the kids how to make a truck driver blow his horn.  The first two truck drivers were glued to their cell phones.  The third looked at me like I was from another planet.  (At this point in the trip, I felt the same thing.)

In thinking how times had changed, I wondered if pulling the air horn still existed.   I took out my handy iPhone and googled….”international signal for getting truck drivers to toot their horn.”  I’m not EVEN making this up.  Yes, I googled “toot”…..and assumed it was “international.” 

Much to my surprise, and I’m sure yours, it turned up results that answered my inquiry.  Yep, pulling the air horn is still the signal.  And, truck driver #4 obliged.  As did #5, and #6 and #7. 

Kris threatened to drop me off at the Nashville airport if I solicited another horn-tootin’ truck driver.

I don’t know.  I suddenly found myself squirming every time I passed a truck driver.  But, I resisted my urge…although, getting dropped off at the nearest airport wouldn’t have been such a bad thing, I didn’t think.

So, I began to wonder in my delirium, “Is my life that void of adventure that I am filling it with air horns?”  I immediately reminisced back to my care-free days of moving real estate signs.  (Insert sigh.)

After hearing “are we there yet?”  the next 400 miles that remained, Anna’s squealing pleasant singing voice, and a whining dog, I decided on the following:

I am married to a pilot.  We have access to various aircraft.  Next time, we will fly.  I will tap the kids’ college funds or sell a kidney (Kris’, of course) to pay for it.  I am equally fine with both.

On a brighter note, it really wasn’t all that bad, I suppose.  I did get to finish off Anna’s M&M Blizzard from Dairy Queen, and I also got some good blog material.

The End.


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