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Sometimes, I Create Words In My Sleep.

I have to be honest.  Completely honest.  I have nothing really significant to bring to the table today in blog world.  I’ve been a little busy the past few days.  Not to mention my efforts to beat my high score on Scramble.  Talk about time-consuming.  Oh, then my kids still expect to eat.

Two years ago, I spoke at Eagles Way Church where, somehow, the word “freakin’” came out of my mouth.  It’s taken my dad two years to apparently recover from that.  But, I’m speaking this Mother’s Day again.  Up until yesterday, my message was a stellar sixty seconds.  So, I’m thinking I should put a little more effort into it to maintain the integrity of the pulpit.  Otherwise, my dad will wait another two years before he allows me to speak again.  Of course, he just might do that anyway.

Those thoughts are consuming my mind at this time.  And, creating words on Scramble. 

What’s taking up space in your mind right now?


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