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He could be Mr. Mom.

The hubs works hard.  No doubt about that.  I wish I could do what he did, but I doubt I could ever land a plane quite as smoothly as he does.  I also have a bad habit of giggling when I talk to air traffic controllers.  And, if someone said “De-Ice”, I’d probably break out into something as ridiculous as “Ice, Ice Baby.”  I’m just being honest.

He’s good at what he does.  I’m usually decent at what I do.  But, could we trade places?  I found out in a recent conversation with Kris.

Me:  “Do you think you could ever be a stay-at-home-dad while I was the income earner?”

The hubs:  “Oh, you have no idea.  Absolutely.”

Me:  “No, you couldn’t.  You could never stop looking at aircraft for sale on the internet or……”

The hubs:  “I absolutely could.  I would be the best SAHD ever.  The kids would always be dressed so cute, er, except for Anna.  You’d come home from work, and I’d show you the new clothes I bought them.  Then, you’d be wondering, ‘How much did that cost?’  Then, I spend my free time planning vacations and talking to my friends on Facebook.”

Me:  “Could you be any more subtle?”

It’s like he doesn’t even know me. 

For the record, I’ve participated in practically zero shopping given the current state of the economy.  And, I only spend a portion of my time on Facebook due to the, ahem, demands of writing and Twitter.  Oh, and let’s not even begin with my volunteer commitments.  So there ya go. 

Okay.  Please, excuse me while I get back to researching deals at Disney. 


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