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Yes Girl.

We watched Jim Carrey’s “Yes Man” last night.  Carrey plays this character who pretty much says no to every request until he goes to some insane “Yes” rally where he learns to say yes to everything.  He does.  And, his life takes an interesting turn. 

At times, I say yes to more things than I want to say yes to.  And, I probably say no to more than things than I should.  By saying yes to too many things, I’m certainly not setting my boundaries well.  And, by saying no to too many things, I’m not experiencing life to its fullest – not to mention, placing myself in more opportunities to see God at work.

Last week, we visited our friends, Mike and Shari, in Florida.  Shari convinced me to try the stand-up paddle board.  I initially hesitated, because my thirty-something year old body and balance isn’t what it used to be.  But, I eventually ignored the little chicken inside and surrendered.  The result?  I loved it.  I really did.  I loved it so much, that I’m saving up my money to buy my very own.  So far I’ve saved $1.75.  At this rate, I’ll own a YOLO board in 2029.  But, that’s something, right?

What is something you wanted to say yes or no to and did the opposite…..and glad you did?


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