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The Bachelor got me thinkin’.

I haven’t been watching this season’s The Bachelor.  I really haven’t watched it in a lot of seasons.   But, I thought it necessary to tune in last night since it was sure to be the most dramatic rose ceremony ever.

I heard the poor guy call his son his “favorite person.”  I always tell Anna she is my favorite girl.  Kris seems to think I should refrain from calling her this due to the ‘what if’ factor.

‘What if’ factor?

What if we have another little girl?

Don’t go tellin’ tales out of school now.  I’m not “P.”  That’s what Bigmama calls it since saying *GASP* “pregnant” is not very polite of a Southern girl.

We’re kind of at that stage in life where I’m not getting any younger and Anna’s not getting any easier.  At least, not in the fashion department.  I could easily identify her lack of progress when she picked out these new skids.


But, hey.  They’re shiny.  They sparkle.  They’ve got pizzazz.  And, what else really matters to a four-year old girl?  For real.

I’m really not sure what decision we’re going to make.  Although, it could make for some good blog material.  Hmm.  So, ya got knocked up for blog material. 

It sounds like Jason, um, the Bachelor, is open to more kids.  Bless his heart.  First, he has to make the most emotional decision of his life.  Ever. 



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