Recycling is gone with the wind.


I live in Oklahoma where every day is kite day.  This is our city recycle bin:


There is no lid or any kind of covering apparatus.  And as you know, recycling isn’t recycling if you place your recyclables in plastic bags.  So this is what happens to my home every Friday afternoon after trash pick-up:


A neighbor’s recyclables blow into the wind only to find shelter on my front porch.  This is clearly not my empty gallon of milk, because it’s from Crest Foods.  I do not shop at Crest Foods because they do not take American Express, the credit card even the Almighty Himself prefers (His life.  His card.  You’ve seen the ads.) 

I will confess.  Mother Earth does not kiss my cheek every night that I go to bed thanking me for my efforts in her preservation.  I am quite militant, however, that all lights be turned off when they are not serving their purpose.  You see, I am my mother’s daughter.  Like her, a burned bulb tears me up inside.  There is nothing rational about this, I know.  Even so, it interferes with my sleep.  Moreover, I have high ceilings with lighting that demands a ladder.  Oh, the effort.  There is really is no point to my light bulb story.  I’m just tired of picking up other people’s trash.  For real.



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6 responses to “Recycling is gone with the wind.

  1. The wind around here usually sends the actual recycling boxes flying around here.

  2. Dusty,
    That was very good about “recycling is gone with the wind”.
    i completely agree with litter, and others not respecting the fact of responsibilty of their life’s annoyances… you! Good write up!

  3. Jennifer

    Mother Earth loves you and so do I. I hate when the trash blows all over the place. Then I am in MY yard picking up other peoples trash….gross

  4. Dusty Takle

    Jennifer, I’m with you on the “gross”. It’s kind of like changing dirty diapers. You never seem to mind (too much) to change your own youngin….but another’s kid? Totally gross!

  5. Nikki Frank

    Love this one the best because it is really a prelude to the “worry one”. Dusty~ why you stressing about your neighbors trash? Just know that you will get extra credit for picking up others trash too. Mother Earth is keeping up with your credits. On question do you think that the people know that it is blowing over there? It isnt like they are throwing it in your yard…….or are they? It is however “gross” BUT just get you some of those bright yellow reuseable gloves and get to work.

  6. Amy Hull Watson

    I totally recycle… I had to when they gave me one can to recycle and another for trash and then took us down to one day of pick-up…. Don’t they know I GOTS TO CLEAN???

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