Welcome to my random world!

It’s been my intent for very long time to begin chronicling my journey through life, if not for posterity’s sake, at least for my favorite four little eyes  – John Henry and Anna.  You may not always agree with me.  Heck, I’m sure you’d throw my finite mind into lunar orbit with some of your thoughts, too.  For real.  But, you may find that while we may hold different opinions and bear different burdens, we are all the same in wanting to do life, and do it right.  I don’t always get it right, but dang it, I give it my best shot every day.  As a follower of Christ, it is my heart’s desire that my home always bring glory to Him.  Granted, some days, it just brings the what for, especially when you say things like “Anna, please don’t pee in John Henry’s suitcase.”  What?  You’ve never said that?  For real. 

I’ve endured a heart broken, and I’ve been blessed beyond measure.  I’ve cried myself to sleep, and I’ve been filled with joy up to my ears.  I struggle with worry, yet I am full of hope.  I hope I learn from my life lessons,  and I hope that just maybe they will inspire you.  So, make yourself at home, and stay a while.  Maybe we can learn a thing or two from each other.


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6 responses to “Welcome to my random world!

  1. I feel you have just embarked on the road that God has called you to, You are using the gifts He has given you. I am so very proud of you! And love you with all my heart!

  2. Dusty,
    I know God will use you to make a difference in lives, who knows who will read and be changed, or curious, want to know what it is that keeps you on this path, with joy, strength, peace, love……

    proud of you,

  3. Betsey

    Woot, woot!! Dusty’s online!! What a blessing for all of us-I look forward to your insight on life and it’s comings and goings.

    “we are all the same in wanting to do life, and do it right.”
    Yes, m’am, we are! We want the best God has for us, our families and friends, communities and country. And we are all on the same path of continually seeking God to find out, for each of us, what it is!

    God bless you in your new endeavor.

  4. Kitty Grubbs

    Hey Dusty, Please add Donna and Jeff Williams…they would love to read your blog. Their address is WStuart520@yahoo.com

  5. Amy Hull Watson

    Honey I just pray you don’t journel about our sacred girls trips…. HHAHAHA… And PRAY I can sneek down there… Can I have a woop woop… HOllA back now..

  6. I know I’m late, but I think I finally figured out how to leave a reply. I look forward to each days blog. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

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