Wanna make a memory?

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Georgia, and I hear Miss Anna yelling down the hallway, “Ga-Ga!”  “Ga-Ga!”  “Ga-Ga!”  “It’s time to get up!”  (Ga-Ga is my children’s name of choice for my dad.)  Dad was already up and moving.  After all, it is Sunday, and it probably wouldn’t go over well if he slept in…since he is the pastor.  For real.

Hearing her call for Ga-Ga to wake up made my mind instantly rewind back to being a little girl anxiously waiting for the “okay” from my Grandmother to go wake up my Granddaddy for the morning grub.  I love that memory.

I just love remembering.  Don’t you?  Sometimes we do things with our children with the sole purpose of “making a memory.”  But, I have found that it is the small, unintentional events that really leave a mark.  Like Paw-Paw’s cornbread.  Paw-Paw is John Henry’s grandfather (Bryan’s dad).  And by default, Anna calls him Paw-Paw, too.  As a matter of fact, she refers to Bryan as “Daddy Bryan.”  Remember, this is our normal.  And, we like our normal. 

Kris, the kids and I ate lunch with Bryan’s family yesterday.  I enjoyed Paw-Paw’s cornbread while Anna enjoyed his super cool chair that with a simple push of a button can send her up to the sky.  She was making a memory while I enjoyed reliving one with my cornbread.

It’s my belief that the events in themselves don’t make for a good memory.  It’s the love behind it.  Paw-Paw loved Anna enough to let her go for joy rides in his chair.  And, Bryan’s family loves me enough to still want to share some mighty fine cornbread. 

How do you spell memory?  L-O-V-E.  I know, corny.  I’m allowed from time to time – or from blog to blog.

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.  Philippians 1:3


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4 responses to “Wanna make a memory?

  1. It is amazing that our good memories are so connected to those who pass legacy through our lives! Your kids will be blessed because who is in front of them living life and modeling good things they will pass on to their kids! Pretty amazing thing God gave us! See ya “muffin top”

  2. Great write up, thanks for sharing! love you!

  3. Jennifer

    My papa makes the best biscuits and gravy. I love it and he always makes it when we are there. Memories are priceless. The best ones never cost a thing.

  4. Brenda

    Dusty and Kris,
    I love your “Normal” and so does the rest of our family. We thank God everyday for Kris and the Daddy that he is to John Henry and Anna . Our family is so glad that You, and Bryan, and Kris have made this situation work for all of our benefits. I just stood and laughed and watched as my dad smiled as his precious grandkids rode up and down in his chair. I don’t know who enjoyed it most. Mama and Papa were still talking about it this am and about the cornbread..haha! Thank you for caring enough about Mama and Papa to share Kris and Anna with us too! We make memories everyday in some form , shape, or fashion with our kids. It is the only thing that gets you through the tough times, doesn’t cost a dime and lasts a lifetime!

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