The great defender.

My children like to quote a line from the recent film “Alvin and the Chipmunks”.  It’s when Alvin chants, “Dave likes to wear dirty underwear.”

At first I scolded them for repeating such vulgarity (at least it sounds vulgar coming from a 3 year old’s mouth).  But, then I joined in.  Its repetition became somewhat contagious.  I just couldn’t help myself.

I changed it up a bit and sang, “Nan likes to wear dirty underwear.”  John Henry quickly yelled back, “No!  I love her!  Don’t sing that about Nan!”  (Nan is my mother and would also be the next American Idol if John Henry had anything to do about it…..along with the next President .  He’d also make sure she was  voted “Who’s Who Among American Nans.” 

So, I sang instead, “Ga-Ga likes to wear dirty underwear.”  John Henry replied, “That’s okay.”

At least we know where his loyalties lie… if we already didn’t.


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2 responses to “The great defender.

  1. Jennifer

    Sweet Mama likes to wear dirty underwear! I am never gonna forget him saying that….he rocks!

  2. Amy Hull Watson

    Well Lawson’s favorite thing to say is the “bow chika bow wow” and we turn around and shake our behinds… Landry tries to turn around fast and shake it but she may or may not fall down.. HAHAHA but having my blood in her she gets back up and tries again.. HAHAHA

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