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Come Monday, it’ll be all right.

Let me introduce you to Mike Oliver.  No, he doesn’t always wear this hat.  Just for Jimmy Buffet concerts.

Mike has labored in ministry with my dad for twenty-two years.  This Monday, Mike, his wife Shari, and their son, Bo, will say goodbye to friends and begin a new chapter in their lives.  Mike will be starting Coastal Community Church in the Fort Walton beach area.  While I am excited and anticipate good things to come from his ministry on the coast, I am also sad to him leave.  He is my pastor, and he is my dear friend.

Mike has taught me many things.  Here are a few.

          No matter what you are going through in life, Bear Bryant has the best quotes to get you through.


          If he says ALA, I say BAMA.


          Always smile, and laugh hard.


          Repeating the same jokes over and over, when said well, is always funny.  A personal favorite:  “What’s going down?  Your leg?”  Ridiculous.  And, I laugh every time.


          A friend sticks closer than a brother.


          When things aren’t right for a friend, do all you can to help make them right.


          Always faithful.  Always.


          When in despair, turn to Jesus and some Jimmy Buffet tunes.


          When happy, turn to Jesus and some Jimmy Buffet tunes.


          Speak ill of no one.


          Appreciate the small things.  Life is short.


          Never waste a moment.  Live out loud.


          God is good.  His love never fails.


          Whatever you do, do it well.  And, there is no substitute for passion.


There are three men that I hold dearest to my heart – my husband, my father, and Mike Oliver.  I’m not sure what Eagles Way Church is going to look like without him.  And, I’m not sure what everyday life will look like without his insane humor and unrelenting loyalty.  But, if he has taught me one thing, it is this:  Come Monday, it’ll be all right.  I’m holding him to that.  I love that man.


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The great defender.

My children like to quote a line from the recent film “Alvin and the Chipmunks”.  It’s when Alvin chants, “Dave likes to wear dirty underwear.”

At first I scolded them for repeating such vulgarity (at least it sounds vulgar coming from a 3 year old’s mouth).  But, then I joined in.  Its repetition became somewhat contagious.  I just couldn’t help myself.

I changed it up a bit and sang, “Nan likes to wear dirty underwear.”  John Henry quickly yelled back, “No!  I love her!  Don’t sing that about Nan!”  (Nan is my mother and would also be the next American Idol if John Henry had anything to do about it…..along with the next President .  He’d also make sure she was  voted “Who’s Who Among American Nans.” 

So, I sang instead, “Ga-Ga likes to wear dirty underwear.”  John Henry replied, “That’s okay.”

At least we know where his loyalties lie…..as if we already didn’t.


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