Thursday Randomness

Random thoughts going through my mind right now:

·        I don’t know how I enjoyed showering before Dove Exfoliating Soap.


·        Why can’t I get everything I need in just one trip a week to Super Target?


·        Why can’t my children just ask me a question without first hailing, “Mom” and then waiting for my “Yes?”


·        God is teaching me to trust Him in the day to day stuff….and I’m just stepping on the stones as He lays each one in front of me.


·        I’m excited that Narnia: Prince Caspian premieres this weekend.


·        If bottled water cost more per gallon than gasoline, why am I still drinking it?


·        Anna is suddenly into wearing nightgowns (not PJs), and her wardrobe only consists of two.  I try to make sure that at least is one is clean every night to avoid an obvious emotional breakdown.  Kris insists that it is less than prudent to purchase more gowns since she has perfectly good PJs.  He doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a girl trying to move forward in the world of fashion.  Maybe if I drop some green for a few new gowns he’ll never know.  After all, gowns are all the rage this fashion season.  And I more than anyone know the importance of a great handbag, a pair of fierce shoes, and a posh new Princess gown.  It’s times like this that Anna and I are one in spirit.


What’s going through your mind right now?


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3 responses to “Thursday Randomness

  1. Amy Hull Watson

    Well you asked and you will be sorry you did too.. HAHA
    Lets see- I was up all night and I am very tired today-I have to get to Jonesboro and pick out counter tops – go by the post office to mail mags and get 1cent stamps (why do they keep doing this to us?) – start selling ads to new customers because if I don’t sell the mag won’t SWELL – go by walmart – sent my Chemo Angel his card and stuff – put baby baskets together – clean this house – do laundry – WALK – order a tarp for the dog pen….
    Those are a few things going through my mind..
    Also, Carters at Tanger is having 70% off pj’s and yes that does include GOWNS .. I think they were like 6.00 so have your mom go over there and get that girl some…
    And just an F.Y.I if you put the Frontgate on your animal DON’T get it on YOU.. I put it on my cat and then rubbed it in.. Then later I rubbed his back to see if it was warm there because when I put it on him he acts a fool, and I thought that it might burn his albino self.. Needless to say yesturday I was like smelling that stuff ALL DAY.. I couldn’ not figure out the smell at the time but when I got home and figured out that Baxter smelled the same way I then realized that the stuff was coming out my pores too.. Does that mean I won’t get ticks and fleas and bug bites???? HUMMMM I just hope this will be over soon..

  2. Brenda

    Well, here ya go… Remember, you asked! I am supposed to be addressing graduation invitations for Morgan’s SGES 8th grade grad., and end of year/ early birthday party invitations, mailing out graduation gifts, and wedding gifts that I am behind on, buying a Black Atlanta Braves Hat with a Red “A” on it for Alex to match his tux and her dress for prom…DON’T ASK! It’s the new “top hat” I guess! I think I would rather go get Anna the nightgown at Carter’s for 70% off…oh, maybe “Daddy Bryan” can get her a couple of samples!!! Tell Kris that it goes like this:
    PJs, nightgowns, Pjs, nightgowns, etc., until they get to the teens then all bets are off…it is soffees and tanks all the way!!!!! SO he should be glad she is still in the pj/gown mode…they grow up way too fast!!! Next, water taste much better than gas so keep drinking the bottled water haha! On the Mama/ YES question, it doesn’t go away, at 17 and almost 14, mine still yell downstairs, and if I don’t respond, they yell again….if by 2-3 rounds of this, I haven’t yelled upstairs loud enough for them to hear over the earphones in both ears from their IPods, , then I start getting texted…from upstairs, I might add! SO, just go ahead and get them both a phone with texting and it should cut down on some of the MAMA/YES episodes… Tell Kris that I will buy Anna the Carters gown if he will pick up the $40 baseball cap….and oh yeah, send it overnight (another $20), he needs it for SAT.!!!!!!! Oh yeah, just remember, “Right Now” is the cheapest amount of money your kids will ever cost you!!!!! Now, that’s encouraging!!!!!

  3. I too wonder why my son calls out to me and waits for me to say yes, especially if he’s 10 feet away. What’s on my mind right now?? Hmm. How am I going to get through this latest test. I know I’ll trust in Him for His strength but at the same time, my flesh and spirit are in a battle with each other. Prayer, I guess, lots ‘n lots of prayer.

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