Mud Puddles And Other Messes

Sometimes, we get just plain silly in the Takle house.  We do things like this:

And this.

And, then there are days where we just blow it out and do this.  If you listen closely you’ll hear an elderly couple, apparently amused by the muddy display, stop and take notice. 

Summer is right ‘round the corner.  It’s a great time to enjoy your family and friends and get messy. 

 “As long as I can focus on enjoying what I’m doing, having fun, I know I’ll play well.”  – Steffi Graf


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6 responses to “Mud Puddles And Other Messes

  1. Dusty,
    I loved yesterdays blog as well, but responding to this one? This is such a reminder of the simplicity of life, carefree children, enjoying life, no stress, worries, but just having fun! What a lesson! lol, love you! I enjoy every day with Dusty’s blogs!

  2. Sharon

    You are a good mama!!

  3. Gayla

    Oh…I so remember Sam & Sarah playing in the rain and mud puddles. Sometimes, when I’m watering my plants, I squirt them just for the fun of it…they love it !!!! Making memories….

  4. What a brave mom you are. I don’t think I ever let my boys have that much fun. Bare feet in the rain, that’s about as daring as I let them be. That actually looked somewhat fun.

  5. Jennifer

    I wondered if you were gonna let her put her head in there! Yuck! You are a good mom. Glad Miss Anna Banana is alright.

  6. Amy Hull Watson

    BBAAAHAHAHH Love the mud.. HHHAAA I can not stop laughing.. I will never forget when we had our front yard redone and then it rained SOOOO… that lead to a game of tag football in our front yard.. Chris and I were Muddy from HEAD TO TOE… Mom hosed us down right there in the front yard…. I am glad you let them experience this because after all “its JUST mud….

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