AI – The Finale ’08

Well, what did ya think?

Here’s what I thought:

·      Seal’s performance with Syesha was UH-MAY-ZING.


·      I just love me some Bryan Adams.  As soon as David C. and David A. began singing “Oh thinking about all our younger years, there was only you and me.  We were young and wild and free.  Now nothin’ can take you away from me.  We’ve been down that road before.  But that’s over now.  You keep me comin’ back for more” – My dear husband, Kris, immediately sighed with a “Oh, dear Lord, no.”  I was like, “How could you?”  He was like, “So sappy.”  I was like “So romantic.  Gets me all tingly inside.”  He was like….so knowing to back off Bryan Adams.


·       ZZ Top?  Well, you know every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man – not unkempt beards, but certainly a great pair of jeans and trendy shades. 


·       And, did you hear OneRepublic sing “Apologize” with Mr. Archuleta?  Love that song – with or without Archuleta.


·      That Carrie Underwood is TAL-N-TED.  We grow ‘em purdy in Oklahoma. 


·      Not the biggest George Michael fan….who admits to that these days?  But, I will always dig “Father Figure.”  You know you like it, too. 


·    And, the winner by 12 million votes is…….DAVID COOK!


Okay, I had picked Archuleta as the winner.  But, I was so happy to see Mr. Cook take the crown.  I always feel a bit sorry for the one who comes in second….but as my friend, Scott Williams, said when referring to David A., “Watch out Hannah Montana!”  Yes, David. A. will do well with that sweet voice of perfection. 


What did you think?


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7 responses to “AI – The Finale ’08

  1. Wellllll, I was alittle let down by David Archuleta not winning but since last night, I am letting it go, lol, but it was what it was. A victory for both David’s. I saw how it touched David Cook’s brother, he needed that to happen, during his sickness. I am alright with it now. I agree, David Archuleta will be BIG in his life!! love you Dusy!

  2. Kate

    Love David Cook!!!!!! I’m so glad that he won last night. Also, I love George Michael. You can’t forget the song and video, “Freedom”. Now that is a classic.

  3. Bonnie

    Hooray for DC! Can’t take anymore of those DA looks at the camera! That Hannah Montanna comment is PERFECT!!! heehee

  4. Judy


  5. Brenda

    Just remember that the public votes ( most with no musical talent, in the first place) and the runner-up always ends up as the biggest star later on…for example remember Reuben, no…but you do remember Clay…it is because the music industry knows the music industry because well, it is their job, right? Didn’t get to see it because we were sitting at a Griffin Bears Baseball State Playoff Game watching the #1 ranked MLB draft pick ( in June) hitting homers over the fence! Looks like Griffin has a shot at the State Title this year in baseball…this hasn’t been done since 1980….remember that,…you were in elementary school and we were in high school. haha! You need to hurry on back to Griffin, Great and Growing! Griffin may be full of potholes, waterleaks, and no sidewalks (on our side of town) but we produce great ballplayers!

  6. David Cook is the man; however Archuleta will make a lot of money. BTW- I’m diggin’ your blog…

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