The Tithe (Part 2 of 2).

Let’s play the “what if” game. 

What if I tithed and God never blessed me for it?

What if I tithed and the pastor ran off to the Caribbean with “my” money? 

What if I tithed and nothing good ever happened?

The primary reason that Kris and I tithe is out of obedience.  However, we have experienced personal blessings because of our faithfulness.  Here are a few of examples of how God has blessed our family through the tithe.

Not long after Kris and I married, we lost a major aircraft management contract that put food on our table at the time.  Since people weren’t chomping at the bit to buy airplanes, we depended solely on the management of this aircraft. 

We had just returned from celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday on a cruise.  We lived it large on the high seas.  I even purchased my 3 month old baby girl a Burberry dress.  It was fabulous.  And, these cost just a wee bit more than those princess nightgowns.  The day we returned from our fun in the sun and frolicsome expenditures, we get the call.  No more contract.

I turned to Kris and said, “That contract is not our source, God is.  We have been faithful givers, and He will not forsake us now.”

He didn’t.  Two weeks later aircraft sales picked up and we made in one sale what that contract provided for one year.  Whew and Amen.

Here is another important point.  Tithing does not make you immune to financial struggles, as stated in yesterday’s post.  A lot of factors contribute to a hurting bank account – the economy, unexpected emergencies or events, frivolous spending, or simply poor money management.  We’ve all been affected by one or all of the above.  But, God will not leave the righteous forsaken or a seed out begging for bread. 

Such was the case a couple of years ago, when a large debt exceeded our bank account.  A couple of the above factors contributed to our lack of preparation.  Kris and I took a deep breath, thanked God for our health, and called on Him.  Money didn’t pour out from the clouds.  But, He began to direct our paths and show us how to make the money to pay our debt.  And, we did.

Now, I could take you way back to growing up in ministry and watching God provide for my family time after time because of the simple act of giving ten percent.  Like the time we used one of those propane gas tanks and it was on empty.  A lack of funds kept the house cold for a couple of days until someone showed up at the door with enough money to fill that tank again….just because, God led them to give it.

Then, there was the time that I was looking for a teaching a job, and I reminded God of my faithfulness in giving (just in case He had forgotten.)  That afternoon, a principal calls and offers me a job.

When I was pregnant with John Henry and single, my budget was, well, itty bitty.  I never stopped tithing.  As a matter of fact, I gave above and beyond the ten percent.  After John Henry was born, another couple felt led to supply diapers for one year!  And, in spite of a modest bank account, we never, ever lacked. 

I’ve asked Kris to give his own personal thoughts on tithing.  Here ya go, from Mr. Takle himself….unedited J

“Tithing establishes and strengthens your faith in God.  Too many people look at tithing as ‘what’s my return on investment or ROI’.  Tithing is not a financial transaction where you are buying something for ‘x’ dollars and getting ‘x’ dollars back.  I believe that tithing strengthens your relationship with God, your relationship with the Church – the community of believers, and your relationship with your family.  It is my goal to always give above and beyond the tithe.  I want my children to always see us blessing the church and others so that they, too, will grow up to be a blessing.”

Our list of personal experiences with being faithful with what belongs to God could go on and on.  We are continually amazed at God’s unfailing mercies and blessings.

Now, could we still be blessed financially and otherwise without tithing?  It’s possible.

But, again, tithing is central to my relationship with God.  And, I’m not willing to risk it.

Do you have any personal experiences where God has blessed you because of the tithe?    


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13 responses to “The Tithe (Part 2 of 2).

  1. This might be kind of long, but here it goes— My parents never tithed and always said that they could not afford it. I told Dad one day to please just try it for one time and see what happens. If God did not bless, I would give him his money back. He did and a few weeks later a cousin of mine(who is quite wealthy) went to visit my parents and told them that he would like to bless them. He gave them a check for $20,000. That’s right, twenty thousand!!!!! Now whether that was God or not, I can’t prove it. However, I would rather give Him the credit. Needless to say, I did not give Dad his money back. LOL

  2. Love your points—obedience! God is always faithful.

  3. Dusty! Amazing writing on this topic! Wow! I can’t stop using exclamation marks! And I thought I was passionate about tithing!!!!!

    Here’s a link to a story of Chris’ and mine: You may have already read it.

  4. Great blog…and I truly enjoyed the way Kris put it in layman’s terms. It is all so very true, And I do believe that you CAN”T “outgive” God…Your Grandfather would always remind us that.

  5. michel lough

    First of all, our tithe is the first check Jake writes every week. The day I didn’t pass my board exam I calculated it would cost about $650 dollars to take it again (that’s a lot for a sock shoppe salary). That night Jake’s aunt wrote him a check for his birthday that covered the cost of the exam plus plenty to put in savings. It’s cool to see God look out for us.

  6. Michelle Riddle

    Dusty, I totally agree. A few years ago my pastor, Mark Crow was preaching on tithing and how God WILL bless your life if you will allow it. So I thought, we’re broke…what have I got to lose. Let me tell you, I started tithing and it was like overnight, God began to financially bless my life. I thought, OK this is great…I wonder how long it will last? Let me tell you, He continues to provide for me day in & day out! If we show honor to the heavenly Father, He will return the blessings pressed down, shaken together & running over…and I really mean running over! We serve an awesome God! Thank you for always pointing this out…just to make sure no one forgets it!

  7. Shelley

    I believe in the principle of tithing just as I believe everything else in the Bible. I think that God sees and knows what we give, no matter how great or small. He also knows that it is more of a sacrifice for some more than others. Even if I can’t see the immediate results of my obedience to him doesn’t mean that my giving is in vain. God sees and He blesses us in many other ways and for future generations. I know that what I do now will bless my children in the future and sets an example for them to follow. I can think of a hundred different ways that I could spend my little tithe but I understand on a deeper level that my children will benefit from my obedience even if tithing doesn’t make me immune to financial struggles. It is the only thing God says to test him on.

  8. Judy

    Tithing is a great response of “OUR FAITH” in God and His existance , and is just a BEGINNING point in Biblical GIVING …

  9. hullwatson

    Ok well this is my “part 2” of this as well. I did expalin how I felt in yesterdays blog but let me say something else about this as well.. I do have to say that I do and give a lot for others. I am now doing the 3-day walk and fundraising for that and about to put together a HUGE golf event. And with that being said… I have re-thought a lot about tithing and feel Brian and I need to give more to our church but I also in my heart need to give to people who are in need as much as possible. Not only humans but animals too.. I hurt when I see anyone hurt and in my heart of hearts (and yes to those who know me I DO HAVE ONE) need to be one of those who are hands on with helping. I might be go to my best friends house who has cancer and hold her while she is having a bad day or just hand someone an umbrella who has to walk in the rain or raise thousands of dollars for something.. I feel that I am giving in that way as well.. So if someone is in need then there are many ways of helping.. If you CAN not give money then you can give time… I had a very large fundraising yard sale and I didn’t know how bad my church needed furniture for people who were in need so I told them to load it up.. So give money and time or both is what I think everyone should do…

  10. Betsey

    Thanks, Dusty, for the comments, experiences, and “summing it up layman style” on tithing and giving. I appreciate what you and others have shared here, and will use a good bit of it in our lesson. It is our prayer that we will teach and be taught, using the experiences and wisdom of others. We hope to educate, inspire, and challenge others with what we have learned, have experienced, and have witnessed from others such as you. Thanks.

  11. thenonconformer Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    4 August, 2008 at 4:07 am
    How are the pastors now being paid?

    From love offerings or the tithe?

    People who accept any portion of the tithe are not allowed to own any tangiable property, such as a home, real estate.. according to the Bible too

  12. Firstly I would like to apologise before I make my comment and please it’s not personal. I ready through your piece with keen interest and I was a bit concerned that you believe that the God came through for you during those hard times was because you paid your tithes faithfully. That does seem to go against the grain of faith in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. You seem to suggest that your works (tithing in this case) made God provide for you.

    If we did not have to do anything to gain God’s love and to make Jesus die for our sins, why then do we believe that we have to perform a so called act of obedience in order for our needs to be met? God would always provide! Those are terms of the covenant we have in the blood of Jesus. This covenant was initiated by God, executed by God and maintained by God. Our works don’t count so that we do not have anything to boast about. There is something greater than tithing, the covenant we have in His blood. It is totally unconditional. Bible says Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness. Do not believe that you deserve what you get from God because you tithe, that unfortunately is works. You cannot earn God’s provision, no matter how hard you try.

    I will end with my testimony. I have seen from scripture that tithing is not a requirement for the New Testament church but instead it encourages us to give freely and cheerfully after we have first given ourselves to God. With this in mind, I have seen God’s hand in my life in such a wonderful way and I do not attribute it to something I have done but see it as a product of grace. When I left home, I had nowhere to live and had to sleep on a friend’s couch for a bout six months before I was able to rent a room of my own. At one time I had three jobs and worked every single day of the week. Life was really tough for me during that period. Now, I have two houses and hope to get more if God wills and I drive a luxury car that I did not pay a cent for. How did I get these things? By tithing? By giving? Certainly not! Let no flesh glory in His presence! It was all down to God’s grace and definitely not down to an act of goodness or righteousness on my part. This is the glory of the new covenant, a privileged those of the Old Testament did not have. Since we have a new covenant why do we yearn to be tied to the Old Testament practise of tithing?

    It is good to give to things of God but do not feel God is obligated to bless you because you did that. If you get rid of that mentality, you will definitely see the hand of God inn your life in a way you have never seen it before.

    God bless you.

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