The little mosquito that could.

“If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.”

Betty Reese

I’ll never forget the trip I took to India back in 1997.  I went on a mission trip/pastor’s conference with my dad and a few others.  We didn’t stay at a Marriott or Hilton.  And, my toilet paper wasn’t folded into a nice “V” shape like I prefer.  Nope.  It was some primitive living with cold showers, in-ground toilets, and rice, rice and more rice. 

One night, my mosquito repellent thingy had been unknowingly turned upside down, thus, making it perpetually useless.

I awakened the next morning to numerous mosquito bites all over my body.  You heard me.  All over.  I looked like I had the chicken pox all over again. 

Moral of the story: 

Always check your mosquito repellent thingy and never doubt your ability to make an impact.


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4 responses to “The little mosquito that could.

  1. hullwatson

    I guess with you being back home you realize how annoying these things can be. I wanted to enlighen you on my mosquito story.. I was at a fundraiser/party and it was during the day into the night. Well, I was in high school and NO I didn’t think to put on any spray… SOOOO my legs had so many bites it was all red and swollen. You could not even see the dots. There were so many my legs looked like one big ole swollen red bite.. UMMMM now I wear “THE BUG PATCH” that you can get at Walmart on the grocery side next to the ant sprays etc. It lasts for 36 hours and I LOVE IT.. I don’t have to worry about those dang things.. It has NO bad chemicals in it and it is safe for children over 1. It is made up of Thiamin B1 =100mg. At least try it,,, you will love it and won’t have to deal with those harsh chemicals again….

  2. marla

    I’m so glad you didn’t get that ol nasty West Nile Virus.

  3. slo

    wonder if the bug patch works for those stingy flies in florida??? thanks for the info amy retard ( my endearing name for you, love ya) off to walmart.

  4. hullwatson

    Yes it does work for those pesky flies in Florida.. HAHHA go to

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