The rewards of a college education.

My friend to Anna:  “Where is your daddy?”

Anna:  “He is flying er-planes.  He makes the money.”

Me:  “And, what do I do?”

Anna:  “Nuffing.”



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6 responses to “The rewards of a college education.

  1. Judy

    What about read magazines and drink coffee lolllllllllllll
    (inside joke before someone attacks my comment)

  2. hullwatson

    UMMM all I can say is BHAHAHHAAAHHHAAA……
    SORRY… That is too freeking cute funny… BHAHHAHHAHHAHHA

  3. It must be nice to be the “cool” parent. I’m the parent who just hangs out at the house, chauffers them around, and on occasion cooks a meal or two.

  4. Good to know you’re making a difference, huh? 🙂

    Oh, and I do nuffing, too.

  5. Apparently, I do nuffing even at work! 🙂

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