Turtle Trapping Update

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear if Kris has succeeded in trapping any turtles yet.  Yesterday, my mind was put at ease.  No doubt, I’ll sleep better knowing how the story ends.  I’m sure you will, too.

Kris, along side his turtle trapping associate, Dennis, trolled out to the trap.  At first glance, they saw what looked to be little reptilian shells peeping through the water.

Once they pulled the trap out of the lake, they knew they had struck tortoise gold.

Their excitement and virility overload tapered when they looked at each other and said….

“Now what?”

So, they killed the turtles and made some stew. 

Not really.  They took them to a creek and dropped each of the 26 turtles – yep, 26 – into the stream.

Upon leaving the farm, we saw this little guy away from his snapping friends.  So, Kris and the kids blessed their little reptile friend….

And, sent him back to his new home.

The End.


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8 responses to “Turtle Trapping Update

  1. kristen fountain

    yay! when i first read the part about killing them i got really sad, but i am glad to see that the turtles were put into a stream where they can play happily!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. one would only hope, that stream does not feed lake Takle.

  3. christie

    i think turtles are like dogs, they go back home=== oh, and i have a turtle nest in my front yard. i think they’ll hatch around aug. 27th. the mama had to come from behind your parent’s house — so if i see the little suckers, that is where i am taking them….

  4. christie

    oh, and where on earth did they get that nifty turtle trapper? how cool is that?

  5. Very cool trap. My boys and I should do that

  6. marla

    Is that a homemade turtle trap or do you buy those things in a box at Walmart? You know, you can’t even fish for all those little turtle heads popping up everywhere?? It’s crazy!

  7. My son found a turtle some years back; it was my son’s first pet for two days. We didn’t have clue about turtles so we put him/it in a cardboard box and put grapes and water in the box for him to eat and drink. I am not sure if turtles eat grapes, but thats all we had and this turtle ate them.

    We finally realized that we were not equped for a turtle, we went to the creek and let him go… my son cried for real and I was sad. The End!

  8. I dont know if you received my other response or not, but I’ll try again. Would you mind sending me the dimentions of the trap. I have a 12 acre lake that is ate up with turtles and I really need to get them out. You cant fish on the bottom for the turtles. the lake is at least 50 years old and there are some large cats on the bottom, if you can get to them. My email is rwebb38@hotmail.com , any help would be appreciated.

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