And the Red Sea will part.

For the next two days, I’m not going to post a silly story on one of my adventures of motherhood.  I’m not going to draw from some well of wisdom and spiritual insights.  You see, I’ve been functioning and ministering from what was poured into me quite some time ago.  I’m going to disclose my current spiritual state.  My dad has always advised, “Dusty, whatever comes from the heart goes to the heart.”  I hope that in my reveal, God speaks to you.

I believe that the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord.  I hope I all fall into that category.  I know that I have the authority to say, “Rejoice not my enemy, for when I fall, I shall rise again.”  And no one, I mean no one, can quote it like my dad.  You just gotta believe it whenever he says it.  I also know that we have an advocate with the Father – and I need to trust in Him.

After I posted “Cashing In” last week, this lady e-mailed me and said “ahhhhhhhhh grasshopper……VERY GOOD STUFF…..very wise and Godly advice.” 

I can be very honest and uncover myself with Judy.  So, I did and replied, Thanks.  I may have some wisdom and Godly advice, but between you and me, my faith is in the pits right now.  May blog on that one tomorrow and call it “Runnin’ Low’”.

Don’t even think Miss Judy didn’t respond to that one.  Within 15 seconds she responded, “in the FAMOUS words of Buren Goss…the words that have literally gotten me through every almost CASH IN situation in my life….EVERYTHINGGGGGGG IS GOING TO BE OK!!!!!!!!”

I didn’t edit any of Judy’s responses.  She puts extra letters on everything to get her message across.   Well done, Judy. J

How do we know that everything is going to be okay?  Here is a story my mom recently reminded me of, and it did a number on my faith.  In a good way.  I pray it does a number on yours.

Let me set the story up for you.  Forgive the Dusty-like summary. 

When the Israelites left the land of Egypt with their leader, Moses, there were two ways they could go – the easy way, and the not so easy way.  God sent a cloud bright enough for them to follow by day and night.  So, they did.  All the way to the not so easy way – The Red Sea.

They obviously had to stop and regroup here.  They couldn’t exactly call my husband to charter a flight across.  Nor was Noah standing around with the Ark.  It appeared that there was no way out.  Had God brought them this far to leave them for dead now?  Especially with Pharaoh having second thoughts on their release from Egypt and subsequently sending some soldiers in big honkin’ chariots after them. 

Then, everybody started complaining to Moses.  Whine, whine, whine.  And, complaining to Moses was the same as complaining to God.  He is the One who led them that way. 

Much like the Israelites, I’ve been complaining to God, too about the path he has taken me lately.  Did He bring me this far for nothing?  But, I’m learning to be a little more like Moses and do what he did.  Moses reminded the Israelites that God would fight for them.  And, he prayed to God for help.

Remember that big bright cloud?  God caused it to become really dark and put it between the Israelites and Pharaoh’s soldiers.  This bought them a little time.

Then, God told Moses to hold his rod over the Red Sea.  (This is the same rod Moses had in the beginning.)  God reminded Moses that He had promised to help him.  And, He did. 

He parted the Red Sea.

Rumor has it that the Israelites went across and didn’t even get their feet wet!

Maybe you’re like me and are having a difficult time seeing a way out or wondering where to go from here.  God still parts Red Seas today.  No matter what is staring you in the face, God always goes before you, clears the path, and orders your steps.  And, when we trust in Him and obey Him, He is certain not to fail us.  “Everything is going to be okay.” 

Then, like the Israelites, we can sing,

“The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory.  This is my God, and I will praise him – my father’s God, and I will exalt him!”  Exodus 15:2

Are facing a Red Sea in your life right now?


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8 responses to “And the Red Sea will part.

  1. If you blog on “running low” please do it from how you feel. I know you well, your tank has been and will remain full. This feeling wehter from disappointment or stuggle will only will let the reserves of God’s faith in your life come to the forefront and you will be better in the end. Dig a little deeper, then blog on His power to see you through your present moment. Love ya!

  2. christie

    Dusty Leigh. Where God has brought you from is only the beginning of where He wants to take you. 🙂
    The Red Sea has never been an obstacle for God’s people — read a little about Elijah and Elisha just parting it cause they wanted to get across. (1Kings/2Kings) If you want a little Faith Lift, read about those two. They make me laugh – in that weird sadistic way. They took all kind of liberties with the gifts God gave to them…We could never get away with the things they did *or could we***I think we forget that God is there ALL the time – look around for Him, he wants you to see him in unusual ways every day – and especially today (it’s all you got). I Love you- You have been touched by God, Me — I’m just a little ‘touched’ hehe;-)

  3. christie

    Gril, insanity makes the wheels on the bus go round!!;)
    Seriously, His word says you shall not want, he restores your soul, he guides you in the paths of righteousness (for His name’s sake), He is with you, He comforts you, He prepares a table before you IN THE presence of your enemies, He annoints your head with oil and your cup runs over
    And, don’t forget Ps. 23:6 — God’s Goodness and Mercy follows (pursues) you all the days of your life….
    and – he goes before you and he is your rear guard.
    I find the hardest thing,however, is not having to remember who God is, but remembering who I am In Him/and who He is in me.

  4. Not needing the Sea to part right now, but I sure have been there. I agree with Judy—-hang in there! It WILL get better!

  5. Mike – Thanks, I’m certainly gonna dig deeper!

    Christie – Your cup always runs over. You are my wise friend. I love you!

  6. dlkaufman

    I think we all go through the periods where we fear the Red Sea won’t part. When we focus on the strong current flowing and aren’t sure that it won’t just sweep us away. Even if we’ve seen it part before. Then there are the times when we feel we’ve stepped out in the Sea and are just drowning. It doesn’t last. The Sea does part. God is faithful. And yes, I too have quoted your father a lot on the everything is going to be okay theme. But, I’ve stood there and stared at the Sea a lot too.

  7. Alot of stirring here on this blog of yours, girlie! lol, well, I think emotions of fear fog up our glasses, then we wipe them off with faith, word of God, or encouragement from a friend, then we step back up and fly like an Eagle again?
    But as far as the Red Sea experience in my life, yes, I face one each day, with caretaking of my Mom, trusting God, that I am making the right decisions in her life, to keep her dignity, but to recognize my part, keep my peace, strength, santity. But am always reminded,”in my weaknesses, He makes me strong” also the song sang last Sunday, “I am lost without you, “i am desperate for you” always reminds me of my human side. Like you said in blog, & was quoted Sunday, ““Rejoice not my enemy, for when I fall, I shall rise again.!” That is a great reminder to keep going! lol
    Loved this blog Dusty!!!


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