Still growing.

It’s been a learning, growing, stretching week.  Here are some highlights of things I’ve learned and re-learned:

I am not alone when I struggle.

Of all the voices I hear, nothing compares to His voice.

When we listen and obey His voice, we can’t go wrong.

To forgive is, indeed, divine.

The body of Christ is my family.

The things I think will impress my children, don’t.

Keep walking even when your feet get a little wet.

God is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

I am the mother.  She is the daughter.

If the only thing Christ ever did for me was save me by His grace, that would be enough.

He does more.

When I keep my eyes on my own needs, I take my eyes off of Him.

My Kung Fu skills embarrass my five year old.

There is no substitute for compassion. 

My dad is strong, and his heart is full of the love of Jesus Christ.

God loves turtles, too.

His plan is always better than my plan.

Taking the time to communicate with Kris is paramount.

Allowing Anna to mix her plaids and stripes is easier.

I am learning who I am in Christ, and who Christ is in me.

I have a lot to learn.


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7 responses to “Still growing.

  1. shari oliver

    well. i just caught up on all your blogs. you are a joy to know. 🙂 i’m glad your my friend. love ya mean it. PLEASE REFER to incoming text.

  2. Betsey

    “To forgive is, indeed, divine.” Oh, my, yes-and to be ever so thankful for those that return the favor to me!

    “I am the mother. She is the daughter.”
    It sounds like you have a Mary Claire on your hands-hold on for the ride! (And yes mam, it does get better.)

    “Allowing Anna to mix her plaids and stripes is easier.”
    Oh, my, yes. Calling for Julie to come and testify to what Mary Claire got away with wearing around age four…

    And remember, Dusty, to chant between your clenched teeth: “Choose your battles, choose your battles, choose your battles..”

    Actually, I do believe your Mama had to do the same thing.

  3. as long as you keep learning all will be good

  4. Julie

    Looks as though Betsey has challenged … I just wish I had pictures. MC’s socks were the biggest deal. The toe & heel had to fit PERFECTLY (or the rage was unreal), yet she certainly didn’t give a rip about what else she had on. Your Anna’s school pic with the camo on would have been mixed with flowers, anything purple and pink and God knows what else – maybe an umbrella. When I met Mary Claire last year at Univ. of West Ga. to take her to lunch – at almost 20 years old mind you – she had on a sweatshirt, sweatpants pushed up to her knees, rubber boots (no, it was not flooding) and no signs of a shower or brushed hair. She was still my “Priss” though. Choosing your battles will be a lifetime thing. Get used to it sister!

  5. Judy

    Something to remember…. God is always working BEHIND THE SCENES…this will be true of your week ….you will see

  6. Betsey

    Julie is 100 percent correct in her description of my MayMay. However, I will say she does now clean up pretty well, and that is most of the time. I’m emailing you some pictures, Dusty, so you can see that clothes war battle will eventually win out-on the good side!!!

  7. Gayla

    I, too, have a very strong-willed baby girl…I choose my battles daily…how she looks (within reason) doesn’t matter alot…but how she fells about herself and how she treats others ( being kind and thoughtful)
    are very important and that she knows that what God says about her is the most important thing…
    I loved the entire list…Don’t you love that God shows us that he loves us in the small things in our lives…not just the life-changing things…he did that for me this week….

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