My recent faith journey has been a good one.  I’ve seen little miracles along the way, but I still haven’t climbed out of the “dip”, if you know what I mean.  I’ve been saying all the right things.  Praying all the right prayers.  Speaking words of life.  You get the picture. 

And, then I just get plain frustrated.

I question.

I regress.

My friend and prayer warrior, Lynn, reminded me of this scripture the other day:  “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.  They shall mount up with wings as eagles.  They shall run and not grow weary.  They shall walk and not faint.”  Isaiah 40:31

(By the way, not many can pray like my dear friend, Lynn).

So what does it mean to wait?  I did a little research, ya’ll.

The word “wait” comes from the Hebrew word, “qavah”  (kaw-vaw’).  You kind of sound like a bird when you say it, don’t you?  It translates “to wait, look for, hope, expect.” 

Apparently, I’m not a very good waiter – in life nor in restaurants, I’m sure.

We’re going to have bumps in the road.  Our faith is going to be tested.  But be of good cheer – He has overcome the world.  So you can bet your bottom dollar (whatever that means) that He will pull you through whatever hard-hitting time is staring you in the face.  And, when you get discouraged – wait.  Hope.  Expect.  And, trust.  Remember the other times in your life when He came through – the other times where He made a way where there seemed to be no way.  This time will be no different.

When we wait upon Him, He renews our strength.  Waiting without Him wears us out.  I’ll stick with Him.  You?


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6 responses to “Waiting

  1. Karen

    Trust is the hardest to mere humans to manage (speaking only for myself) but it’t the most important. If the events of my life have shown me nothing, they have shown me literally what doesn’t kill us will make us stronger. For that to be remembered, trust must be in place.

    We own/operate our own plumbing business. Trust, faith, lots of prayer, & knowing when to walk away from a “crooked” customer (she wanted my husband to submit an extremely inflated estimate of damage to her insurance company so she could get extra money to re-do her bathroom. He didn’t. He walked away.) is hard to do, but sometimes you have to. Trusting that God will provide in a case like that takes faith.

  2. Judy

    To wait with hope. We all have to live there.
    We must be “PRISONERS OF HOPE.”
    The Church is the Hope of the World.

    Zec. 9:12
    Come back to the place of safety,
    all you prisoners who still have hope!
    I promise this very day
    that I will repay two blessings for each of your troubles.

  3. Shari Oliver

    I ALWAYS trust that “the steps of a righteous man are ordered of the Lord.” whew…i feel better already.

  4. Michel lough

    i really needed this. where was this blog at 1 am last night when i couldn’t sleep because of fear and doubt and hopelessness?

  5. The Christian Ranter

    Waiting and faith are tough for me also. My wife a real gift for both. I guess that balances us out.

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