And the winner is…

I know the anticipation of the first ever randomness give-away has been just flat out overwhelming.  I’m not all too familiar with those online pick it for you tech machines that the professional bloggers use.   So, we’re kicking it back old school with our hat drawing. 

I had hoped that Kris would be home from his trip in time to video the drawing.  But, in order to post the results today, I had to recruit John Henry and Anna.  Never mind any child labor laws.

Then, YouTube decided to be a thorn in my side and kept giving me some sort of error message.  Um, hello YouTube!  I’ve uploaded to you a gazillion times.  The error is not coming from this side of the computer!  I made friends with Vimeo instead.

So, without any further ado, let’s draw.

Who would’ve thought? 

Congratulations you!  Crazy Love is on its way J



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13 responses to “And the winner is…

  1. Judy

    Yea for Ken!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Betsey


    Congratulations Uncle Ken!

    Note to Marnet: Pass it around!

  3. Christie

    WHAT?^%&%(&) I want a redraw!!
    (not b/c I don’t want Ken to have the book– I just want to see them do that again!!! Toooo Cute!!-Technology be ——) hehe
    Oh, Congrats Margaret!!

  4. Julie

    Either I didn’t see anything or am too impatient and a little too preoccupied to wait????????????????????

  5. Judy, you’re a good sport 🙂

    Betsey, you know Marnet will pass it around all right.

    Christie, if you knew the trouble of getting this video to upload – as in getting to bed at 1:00 am, well….. glad it was cute!

    Julie, I can’t imagine what would have you preocuppied these days. Praying for your family!

  6. Joy

    Hey! Loved the video drawing. I’ll be sure and get in on the next drawing. If you have one. I never win anything anyways!lol
    Also loved John Henry’s COOL laser light bracelet. Bryson has one too. What would we do without our Happy Meal toys?

    Congratulations to Uncle Ken!!!!!

  7. Beautiful children, Dusty! Just gorgeous.

  8. OOOH! I want to learn how to do that video thing! Margaret, put me on the borrowing list!

  9. Ken M.

    ok, so I had to work today. Just found out I won. By the way, why is everybody asking Margaret to borrow the book? She didn’t win. Let me see…..who will I loan the book to first.

  10. MEEEEE Ken, I have waited all day, for that question!! ?? lol,

    I won’t read it to you, I promise! ha ha! Glad you won! And that you share!!

  11. Dusty Takle

    Hooray for Ken!!! Read it…..then, give it to Margaret. She’ll be okay with it. I’m sure.

  12. Sarah Pair

    this is a day late…. but yey!! I do believe I should be the first to borrow it 🙂 Although, the way you all talk (or type), it sounds like this is the last copy of this book that exists in the entire world… I doubt that is the truth. So, if need be, we could buy another book or two to pass around.

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