A day at the museum.

It’s been a pleasant 100 degrees here in Middle America.  It’s so hot, even the pool sounds treacherous.  I mean, it’s excruciating enough to wear a swimsuit at the pool.  So, Saturday, I decided to take the kids to Oklahoma’s own Science Museum – the Omniplex. 

To be perfectly honest, the only science I prefer is science-fiction – as in movies.  But, to escape the heat, break up the monotony of the day, and give my kids some sort of educational experience, I endured the world of science.

The best part about the experience was the 45 minute movie on the Grand Canyon in the Dome Theater.  Eight dollars bought us two sodas, two popcorns, a box of Junior Mints, and Strawberry Fruit snacks.  That would have totaled about $150 at the “real” movie theater.  The movie was narrated by Robert Redford and the music by Dave Matthews.  I haven’t watched a movie on the ceiling since I was a kid myself and nearly lost my meal replacement bar I snuck in a few times.  Holy head spinning, stomach turning Batman!  Anna just kept asking “Why we moving?”  Over and over and over again.

I think Anna enjoyed the face painting center most.


I’m thinking that the next time I spend a small fortune at the MAC counter (that’s make-up heaven for all you dudes reading), I’m going to explain it off to Kris as a science experiment.

I believe the black tape here is to prevent people from touching this display.  Hence, John Henry’s arms raised as if to say “Are you finished taking the picture already?” 


After three hours of me pretending to be oh so fascinated about science, we left.  I picked up my wailing three-year old who kept saying over and over again, “I want this to be my home.” 

If she thinks gravity is cool and wants to live at a science museum, I’m pretty sure I’m never taking her to Disney World.  Else, she’ll have to endure years of counseling that we refused to let Cinderella be her new mommy. 


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9 responses to “A day at the museum.


  2. We loved the science museum. Haven’t been in a while. Used to take the kids there when Bill would have school out there and we would all go with him. The Cowboy Hall of Fame is my personal favorite. But, my 3 oldest still talk about the science museum.

  3. Christie

    yeah, going to fernbank summons the ” why can’t we have a tv on the entire wall”
    i like the science experiment / Mac correlation

  4. Ha ha, those kids would go to the moon and back, if you took them! You are sooo versatile! And did I mention, amazing? How about DELIGHTFUL! I loved this refreshing blog, little Anna is put on this earth at this time in her life to be fun, have fun, do fun things. LOL!
    love you!

  5. Dennis

    I am still cracking up at the Cinderella comment! No worries though….you are way cooler than her!


  6. Be careful calling it the Omniplex now that they have changed it to make it all fancy. They will come get you LOL

  7. Mike, thanks 🙂

    Debbie, I’ll have to try the Cowboy Hall of Fame next. A little more history than science, I hope.

    Christie, according to my experience, MAC is science. Go with it.

    Lynn, Anna’s middle name FUN.

    Dennis, thanks for the props. Cinderella had a pumpkin. I have a Tahoe. Tahoes are cooler than pumpkins.

    Roger, thanks for the tip. Don’t need any science geeks, I mean geniuses, hunting me down. I have enough to worry about between TSA and the CIA thanks to “pretending” to call 911 calls and my children trying to sneak half of their toy box through security.

  8. Brenda

    Next up, Space Camp in Huntsville, Al. They will even let you build a rocket! Been there, done that, and built a rocket! I think JH has a hat already! Anna will need to pick out her own since she is in Annaville and is the only one that knows what hat is cool in her world!LOL

  9. Gayla

    I cannot tell you how many times that Sam & I have been to Fernbank….it’s still his favorite thing to do….Sarah on the other hand….it’s all about people ( like someone else we know) and having FUN !!!!!

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