Olympic events that make me go hmmm.

As a kid, my favorite Olympic event was gymnastics.  ‘Cause, if you didn’t love Mary Lou Retton, you were no American.  No sir-ee Bob. 

No doubt, swimming has captured us all this year thanks to the amazing abilities of one Michael Phelps.  He is some kind of super hero – or quite possibly some X-men mutant.  And, the feeling of watching that boy win his 8th gold medal.  Well, he was a swimmin’! (Think Forrest Gump.) 

But, there are Olympic events that baffle me.  Here are a few.

1.  Synchronized diving.  So you can dive.  Why do you have to do it at the same time as someone else?

2.  Trampoline.  Really?  Who can’t do a flip on a trampoline?

3.  Badminton.  Had I known this sport would make it into the Olympics, I would have honed my skillz more in middle school P.E.

4.  Weightlifting.  Watching a barbell go from the ground to above someone’s head just doesn’t entertain me. 

Any events make you go hmmm?

What has been your favorite Olympic moment?

Or, are you a non-watcher?


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16 responses to “Olympic events that make me go hmmm.

  1. Karen

    Volleyball! Why is volleyball an Olympic sport? Either version, I don’t care. But badminton really took the cake.

  2. 2 Words. Ping Pong. Puh-lease.

  3. Nichole

    I think my favorite is the Winter Games because of the Luge. (Seinfield) “This is the one where the guy goes down the Bobsled run…except there’s no sled. It’s just Bob. It’s just a human being hanging on for dear life. This is the only sport in the history of man where you can do it against your will, and it’s exactly the same. Just pull a guy off the street, put him in the suit and send him down the shoot. Vruuummm, Vruummmmm, Vruummmm! World Record! Didn’t even want to do it.”

  4. Dusty Takle

    Brittany, I’ll have you know that I can play a mean game of ping pong. This fact can only validate your comment.

    Nichole, hilarious.

  5. 1. Swimming
    2. Swimming
    3. Swimming

    Nah. I love beach volleyball, track & field and gymnastics.

  6. Amanda Morgan

    I’m with you Dusty on the whole diving thing, although I didn’t realize they had syncronized diving. Either way, where is the athleticism in that? Speaking of Forrest Gump…table tennis anyone??

  7. Modern Pentathalon. Really shoot a gun and throw a javelin

  8. miket.

    Must watch Olympics…. Me no sleep….. Unga!

  9. Dennis

    As far as winter Olympics go………. Curling. I mean sweeping those little brooms in front of a big sliding puck that has a handle on ice. Give me a break!

  10. I appreciate the Olympics, but the amount of money China or any other country spends on the buildings and festivities is amazing to me. Seems to me that some of that could have helped many people. Too practical I quess!!!

  11. Sharon

    I love the Olympics!! Watching Michael Phelps has been the most exciting thing summer television has to offer. He is amazing!! I have also enjoyed watching the US womens beach volleyball. They have won 107 straight games. Wow! But I must say I am with you on the whole trampoline thing. I don’t know that I could do flips (but that is because I am a scaredy cat). This is the last year for softball and baseball but they are keeping trampoline. What??? I mean really… is this sport Olympics worthy? I don’t think so.

  12. Dusty Takle

    Cindy, Amen sister.

    Amanda, oh you’re missing out on synchronized diving.

    MikeT – I believe you.

    Dennis, you could so win the gold in curling.

    Linda, we probably could’ve built New Orleans with that kind of money!

    Sharon, don’t sell yourself short. I know you could flip. I just know you could. I’ve watched you play softball. You’ve got the sport in ya.

  13. Hi Dusty – just found your blog. Love it!

    The Invisible Me high-fived your comment about trampoline as an Olympic Sport. I.had.no.idea. until this year.

    Who thinks we should make pancake flipping an Olympic sport? I do. Gold, please.

  14. Christie

    My whole family was mesmerized by the synchronized swimming . however, It’s the back stories I love. The russians that don’t really get a long, but work together perfectly — the olympian with the fake leg diving — gotcha– anyway-it has been very interesting… my hmmmmm=I DO miss seeing a perfect 10 in the gymnastics though… that has been a little disheartening.. i don’t know what a 15 is? I do know – it is not a perfect 10.

  15. Christie

    Diving, not swimming.

  16. The Christian Ranter

    I don’t get the X games influence on the Olympics. I mean BMX bicycling? We rode around on those when we were kids.

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